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    I am not the biggest fan of the shoes with the dress either, but the dress itself is kinda spectacular on her. I like how she went with dark lippie to give the look an edge.

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    i really hope u are kidding…i have seen u look past soo many of sonam’s fashion mishaps and when another actresses gives u a spectacular look such as this one, u start nitpicking.

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    Love everything abt this look! She looks Fab !!!!

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    I be to differ…I think the platform pumps look great with the dress…I personally own these pumps but they are from Steve Madden…I wear them with suits, sarees, dresses…and believe me they look yummy!! :)

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      whoops typo * I beg to differ

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    dressing, beauty and style is all about proportion. her platform pumps (which by the way are becoming so boring and every indo celebrity is wearing them…yawn) is completely off with her light and airy dress. too heavy and they are making her legs look short and stumpy.

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    P&P…holidaying much..?? hmm….this is as gorgeous as can get….super GLAM…WOW is the word ..!!
    The sandals add to the edgieness of the look and the lip colour is great with this loook…FAB from head to toe…

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    I think the entire look is gorgeous. I’m normally not a fan of tea-length dresses because they have a tendency to look twee and princessy. The beautiful cream color and interesting details give the dress a more mature appeal, and I love the addition of the edgy pumps. The hair and makeup are perfect in complementing the dress. This outfit is a lovely retro modern look.

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    OMG this is the best look EVER!

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    Grown up goth princess…FABULOUS

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      Took the words rite outta my mouth

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    OMG… ur kidding right?? She looks great! I dont like pumps with dresses either but somehow she makes it work!

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    That lip color gives a very gothic look to the dress….the hair and the footwear added to it… amazing and WOW

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    Love, love, love it…she looks stunning!!! Woah…wat a dress…

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    She is looking super hot. One of the best looks I have seen on Chitrangada. Dont agree with P&P at all this time

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    I absolutely love this look!! everything is good…hair,makeup,dress… my only gripe…the shoes! it doesnt go with this dress….otherwise its an amazing look….love this woman!

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