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  1. s.l. at | | Reply

    she’s looking fabulous!

  2. Anuja at | | Reply

    The outfit itself is safe as you said and in my opinion would have been very chic if she had changed her hair (not loving the highlights) and the amber jewlery I dont think it woks with the two pastel elements (shoes and bag).

  3. BlahBum at | | Reply

    She looks good waist down.. The earrings n highlights ruin the look.. Why ms.singh..

    1. wtf? at | | Reply

      I agree. She is a beautiful woman but what i want to know is up with the hair? It looks like a wig crows shat on! And maybe I am wrong but she has started looking more and more caked recently, for a day event like this wouldn’t it be wiser to go lighter on the face pancake? I would if I had her skin and that face!

      1. girlie girl at | | Reply

        HA! Reminds me of the ‘Karen Walker’ wig!!

  4. omgosh at | | Reply

    She looks great as usual….but those excessive bangs are hiding her beautiful face..

    1. truthteller at | | Reply

      i agree, she needs to let the hair fall back n show off her beautiful face ala angelina jolie.

  5. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    Gold highlights in dark hair is so passe!!
    Other than that she looks stunning…although could have used some color in the way of the clutch may be…

  6. Ss at | | Reply

    Cannot look past the hideous hair color.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Me too. It kills the otherwise perfect look for me.

  7. Sani at | | Reply

    I loveeee her outfit neck down… I hate the bangs, the cake/melting face, and those eating…. oh and the makeup!!! But she is so beautifull…

  8. nikita at | | Reply

    the ppl in the background r all bundled up in warm jackets and hats. hope she was not freezing in that dress.

    1. Trina at | | Reply

      It is freezing in Paris…poor girl!

  9. Lola at | | Reply

    She almost never goes wrong…I think of her as one of bollywood’s style dive. This look is gorgeous.

  10. adya at | | Reply

    She usually has a flawless face. Here she looks older, make up is smudgy, especially the contouring around the nose. Not liking the highlights in her hair one bit. She looks good, but compared to her own photos, not so much! I wonder who did the make up?

  11. SLC at | | Reply

    The sheath is pretty and that’s about it.

  12. 13whateva at | | Reply

    She is fabulous, and safe is good, because she works it..
    Super sexy ..

  13. Crazzyyy gorgeous male at | | Reply

    Gosh this woman is gorgeous. But what on earth is that ankle band/string which she never seems to remove? Superstitious much?

  14. B at | | Reply

    Is she matching her hair to her earrings? :-|

  15. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    the earrings and the sheath dont go very well together.. but love the shoes and the bag..

  16. Gunita at | | Reply

    Hate those earrings. And love the choice of shoes. Thank god she didnt go boring with her footwear!

  17. amina hai at | | Reply

    she is looking ugly

    1. hema at | | Reply


  18. dumbo at | | Reply

    bad highlights stand out

  19. monika at | | Reply

    gorgeous… highlights are a minor gripe

  20. paro at | | Reply

    loooooove it! i think she looks amazing! so dior and so elegant!! way to go chits!

  21. Debbie at | | Reply

    Surprised to find so many loved this look…I absolutely hate it. The highlights, the earring, the pan caked face…she looks old and quite ugly really.

    1. pinkMartini at | | Reply

      And I thot I was the only one…..

  22. gauri at | | Reply

    her skin looks really oily in the middle pic for some reason! hate the gold streaks!

  23. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    the make up around her nose is awful. awful hair too. and that pout! not working!

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