In Falguni and Shane Peacock


It’s almost like we have a Peacock spotting every week. Oh wait, we do! I don’t watch X-Factor but if you do, you probably spotted Cheryl wear this Fall 2010 Falguni and Shane Peacock dress on her this weekend.

Cheryl wore the outfit without the exaggerated shoulder which takes some of the edge off but I think works for Cheryl because she has that feminine look.

Left: Falguni and Shane Peacock, Fall 2010
Right: Cheryl Cole on X Factor

Photo Credit:PapierDoll, DailyMail


  1. OMG. Cheryl in F&S..that is like totally HUGE. Even tho I dislike the dress – its plain fugly- kudos to her for doing this since she is under the camera flash like EVERY MINUTE :P LOL

  2. Hey PnP, I am impatiently waiting for your giveaway results..When r u announcing that..Hope to win my first ever designer bag!! HHC ROCKS!!


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