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  1. seema at | | Reply

    thats not celina jaitely on the right

  2. Angel at | | Reply

    damn.. just when i thought at last she wears an elegant number, she does this ghastly boob-about-to-fall-out thingy… gosh its ugly the way the curve of her left boob is so damn visble!

  3. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Sort of similar to Christina Aguilera’s outfit at the Golden Globes, isn’t it? Both are an interesting take on westernising the sari.

    1. Saya at | | Reply


  4. KD at | | Reply

    so the contacts are permenently out? thank god…she was such a wannabe

    bust line is dangerously low but she’s wearing it well

  5. Rezia at | | Reply

    Ok that is one way not to allocate assets. A cautionary tale in this economy?
    Seriously, she needs some support! I’d be terrified to breathe if my (ahem) assets were allocated like this…

  6. Saya at | | Reply

    Hey, where’s the fun without such risque dresses. We just hope she has some stickies on, just in case the uh-oh happens.;) This gown is positively a big upgrade considering all the other disasters of Neeta Lulla.

  7. mary at | | Reply

    she look really nice in the photo on the right! and Gosh how fixated is everyone on just one part of her anatomy. I would honestly not even have noticed had it not been for some of the comments. I prefer to notice how she carries the overall look pretty well. One gripe though, her wrists look quite empty.

    1. Megha at | | Reply

      agreed! (about fixating on one part)
      i think she looks nice overall too

  8. sovi at | | Reply

    The hair totally kills this one for me…

  9. neha at | | Reply

    she s looking nice for a change… a good upgrade for her…

  10. Neha at | | Reply

    why do people wearing one-shouldered dresses insist on sweeping their hair to the side that actually has fabric? i’ve noticed that many actresses featured here do that..and all the pretty shine-y designs get covered. the hair totally kills this for me too

  11. Jems at | | Reply

    I, for one, think she looks great..upgrade for sure!

  12. Swapna at | | Reply

    I really dont see any creativity in the designer’s clothes….it is just not creative at all ….. looks so ordinary … !!! Sigh!!!!

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