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A Bit Of Kitsch

How neat is this table runner made out of plastic milk pouches? Recycling rocks! And not only that, the NGO Conserve (makers of this product) also provides a source of income to the scores of rag pickers who pick out recyclable materials from the streets of New Delhi.

Needless to say, I love this kitschy lil’ number! :)


Conserve Runner (Buy)

Spotlight: Happily Unmarried

If you haven’t already heard of Happily Unmarried, its not too late just yet! They have some of the quirkiest, most fun products around, ones that you just got to have! We love their bottle stoppers and shot glasses and are in splits over their product write-ups… And nope, we haven’t been paid though we sure wish we were! ;)

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L To R: Yes Da, No Macha Shot Glasses, Thunder Thighs Juice Glasses, Model P


L To R: Handpump Bottle stopper, Graffiti Mug