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Don’t Like Doughnuts? Don’t Think I Can Trust You!

I love this Ashish for Topshop sweatshirt. Anything that reminds one of Simpsons, cops, Eighties (hello Flashdance!), bubblegum and glazed goodness all rolled into one should be Loved. And only loved.

Also, remember the bow that stirred up all sorts of noise for Tavi Gevinson last year? No? I almost forgot too but strangely this sweatshirt reminds me of it.

In my head, I am the girl wearing that hat with this sweatshirt laughing at all the cool kids while sitting in a corner at The Peach Pit.

Doughnut Sweat by Ashish

Who Doesn’t Love A Lady In A Tutti-Frutti Hat?

I have Carmen Miranda on my mind today.

Also, I want a t-shirt that says Bananas Is My Business (No Rachel Zoe, you may not have it).

And, I want to steal Anna’s hats. All of them. So very badly.

(Anna Dello Russo In Alan Journo Hats!)

A fun montage. And don’t blame us if you have the song stuck in your head!

Carmen Miranda (Images via IMDB)

For a bit of Miranda in your closet…

(Stella McCartney Citrus Print Top, Charlotte Olympia Fruit Pumps, Kate Spade Lella Pineapple Clutch)

P.S If the title baffles you, go Here!