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  1. Sara at | | Reply

    Well…..your opinions matter so much because they are generally unbiased, friendly, and candid. But when you start doing sponsored posts, where do you draw the line? I saw this disappointing trend with some food blogs, and now here too :-(

    1. POP at | | Reply

      I’m fine with sponsored posts when they’re identified as such. But I wish they were a little longer and not as generic in terms of content. I’d love to see more of P&P’s voice come across rather than feel like an advertisement. I think that’ll make them more interesting and engaging.

    2. Amz at | | Reply

      You know I felt the same way. Love this blog and love the fashion posts but this post had me going “don’t these girls live in the US and do we not get Gossip Girl on CW or something instead of Zee?”… I knew it was branding before I saw the sponsered post line.

    3. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

      there are reviews and there are posts that are more informative and non opinionated.. this one falls under the latter so its cool

    4. RUCHii at | | Reply

      I get where you are coming from..but aren’t they allowed to make some money from something that they put so much of time/ effort/ money into..?? and its clearly marked as a sponsored post. Everything is transparent..It’s not like they are endorsing some celebrity or designer because they are secretly being paid! :) So personally, for me its just like any other advertisement that’s on the site. Like it, ignore it, your wish! But that doesn’t make them any less ‘unbiased, friendly, or candid’ imho.

      1. Sara at | | Reply

        I love this blog, and I think P&P have a really good attitude. They made it more than clear that this is a sponsored post. And this is their blog, and they have every right to do anything with it :-) My question “where do you draw the line” was really a rhetorical one. I just felt like this post was kinda out of sync with their other ones and did not really fit in with the cool tone of this blog. Again, no criticism intended.

  2. aditi at | | Reply

    drooooling…… oh that valentino. <3 <3 <3

  3. karishma at | | Reply

    i love the valentino!

  4. ms.clutch at | | Reply

    i love the reem acra <3

  5. Sweta at | | Reply

    ‘Sponsored post’ & ‘Let’s face it, we stopped watching the show for its plot a long time ago’ … you gals cracked me up :))

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Good catch, Sweta! :)

  6. sachita at | | Reply

    I sort of want to say the same thing.

    I understand the need for sponsored post.

    But you girls set up a high standard yourself by being one of those rare fashion blog that arent bitchy even remotely.

    So this reading it all the way ( finding something amiss even before) only to find it is a sponsored post is a sort of let down ? :)

    As some one else said, after sometime we can start identifying from your tone which is a sponsored post and which isnt even before we go all the way down to SPONSORED POST.

    May be it is just time.

  7. Ratna at | | Reply

    People still watch shows on television?

  8. ahot at | | Reply

    Go P&P!
    People are always repellent to any kind of evolution/change.
    For a sponsored post, it´s well done, & so true! We watch the show most definitely for the fashion, & for a FASHIONBLOG, this is totally appropriate.
    So…*Kanye shrug*

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