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    I like Ashley’s version and I really like her hair and make-up…..

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    Oh P.S. but I it would have looked better with other shoes, maybe something chunky and metallic…..

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    I kinda like Ashley’s slightly dishevelled look – the romper ook to go with the romper. Somehow, Amrita’s look is a bit more look at me – shorter length, the fit and the over-accessorizing. Also like missy said, the makeup.

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    Amrita :) ….some ppl really luv to wear kajal and its luking nice on her…even rani,kareena are seen with kajal most of the times…

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    “kajal” is a staple amongst many indians, me included! I use it everyday without fail! But, having said that, I don’t overdo it(read: thick lines around the eyes) like Kareena does! ;)

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    usually i disagree with ashley olsen’s fashion sense, batwing sleeves n’all. but standing next to the way amrita is wearing her outfit i think ashley deserves a standing ovation. in fact, she is carrying off this one quite well with her street meets catwalk look.

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    I loooooove kajal and it looks best with indian outfits……I like the way Rani looks really lovely with kajal it really suits her even when she wears it thick around her eyes, but Kareena not really…..

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    yes ppl can wear kajal in different style from thick to thin ..depending on dress and mood…kareena had proved her looks with kajal in ASHOKA…even in jab we met (with or w/o kajal )she was rocking..kajal depends on ur face type and complexion also…

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    kareena with kajal in ashoka looked good due to her duskier skin in the movie, real life she is too fair to look good kohl-lined. I think rani looks the best with kohl-rimmed eyes

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    ashley. amrita’s is bordering close to a camel toe!

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    dont like Amrita’s , she is looking a bit over done in this. Ashley is nice, but in an awkward way!!

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    Both pull it off differently, can’t really compare the two. I think they both look good in their own ways.

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