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  1. ID at | | Reply

    The first picture is not Candice. It’s Nina Manuel

  2. lavanya at | | Reply

    Pooja looks the best (match much never mind). If anyone else had worn what Nina wore- would u say the same abt them? I feel the footwear doesnt go with what she wore and the dress design is kind of weird. Well, Nina scores for wearing that lacey stuff with style!

  3. tia at | | Reply

    Neena, Pooja, Gauri, pls go home and change. Tejaswani, looks nice.

  4. nisha at | | Reply

    dont agree..nina’s outfit looks like a tattered petticoat to me… i guess tejaswani wears it best, barring the footwear ofcourse..

  5. in id at | | Reply

    favouritism I must say,,, that dress on Nina is extremely ill-fitted …my vote goes to Gauri (ignore her expression and she fares the best

  6. divi at | | Reply

    Love nina’s outfit. Will buy it in a heart beat:) if i can carry it off that well.

  7. April at | | Reply

    You guys really love,Nina,dont you?

    Except Nina everyone else looks good to me.Pooja’s match much didn’t bother me,I’ll give her for wearing a well-fitted dress.Tejaswini looks fresh minus the make-up(or little make-up)

  8. Avni at | | Reply

    Love Nina’s outfit!

  9. Avni at | | Reply

    Nina’s outfit is totally cute!

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