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  1. Ainun at | | Reply

    OMGOSHHHHH!!! what was he thinking?!? “snow birds” :S

  2. nosh at | | Reply

    I love the pack of cigarettes sticking out of his pocket too. Classy.

  3. pdaevo at | | Reply

    hahhahaha nosh :) nice

  4. aish at | | Reply

    LOL ainun i said the exact same thing when i saw the pic=) what can I say great minds think a like lol=P

  5. Belle at | | Reply

    lol well spotted nosh!

    man…the shirt is terrible as it is…but what’s up with his hair?! noooo!

  6. once again at | | Reply

    ok people, LOOOK – LOOK – see the front fork. Does it have three different coloured button up’s !? Does it !? does it ?

    – shriek of horror –

  7. Uweis at | | Reply

    Bobbyji, with this shirt, you will have the same fate in the fashion world as most of your recent releases at the box office

  8. U at | | Reply

    Black, Grey and Blue buttons. i think i’ve seen it all..

  9. pixie at | | Reply

    he still doesn’t look as bad as his brother even with an aviary on his shirt. it’s wierd that a handsome man like dharmendra has spawned so many unattractive offspring.

  10. Étoile at | | Reply

    Its more like… WTHaha!

  11. GW at | | Reply

    ha ha ha ha ! I love the expression ! It goes so well with the shirt ! Its almost as if he decided let me F*** their brains with this shirt !

  12. Belle at | | Reply

    @ once again…OMG!!!! LoL

    @pixie…i know aiye? Dharamendra was named like the 6th most good looking man in the world in the 1960s…and now we get his kids…*sigh*

  13. anisha at | | Reply

    eee…very bad..n he always wears high waste jeans n hritik too…i so dont like it…

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