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  1. saba at | | Reply

    OMG!! checked the links……..they’re so awful, did those women turn up in public again!! but have to say eshas aint that bad

  2. priya at | | Reply

    she actually looks quite nice here!

  3. sunny at | | Reply

    Yeah, but Esha is nowhere near as bad as the first two see-through disasters. In fact, you don’t really notice it here until you really look closely. And she she looks so I’m not gonna hate.

  4. sunny at | | Reply

    That should read “And she looks cute, so I’m not gonna hate”.

  5. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    Didn’t she wear this dress earlier? Saw her in this some time before. I guess on your site, dunno. Will check…
    But, must say, this is way better than Sonali’s repeated disasters..

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i think she survived! the other girls had it badddd!!!

  7. Adi at | | Reply

    i love to wear black. What’s the best way to wear a black dress?? layers?? proper undergarments?? What is the trick to wearing black under flashlights??

  8. HJ at | | Reply

    someone tell this girl to stay home… she first needs to learn some grace from her mom. Looks all caked up in this pic…dont like her anyway

  9. Adit at | | Reply

    its a slightly grown up outfit, for an older woman.

  10. Violet at | | Reply

    I had to strain to see the see-thru..so not as bad. Looks like she isn’t wearing a slip? She looks pretty.

  11. desibuff at | | Reply

    esha has a toned body, she can carry off the short,chic dresses well. While she survived the whatthehey attack, the dress could have been a shorter version, more fitted. She can carry off clothes well and can actually look quite good if she focused on it like some others.

  12. J at | | Reply

    I have a similar dress in full length. Or maybe its full length on my petite frame. The lining of the dress is bottle green so it really hides flash exposures well. Can’t tell if Esha has the same lining.

  13. Meghna at | | Reply

    She gets a “Pass” on this one, dress could’ve been shorter but is leagues ahead in terms of coverage-under-flashlights. Hehe, maybe you could make a blog of that title and list all the flashes (hehe, pun intended!).

  14. anita at | | Reply

    what an unflattering length – the shoes should have been strappier for a dress of that length- what did she wear this for?

  15. melange at | | Reply

    What innerwear? U really hav to strain ur eyes to see them. This is ok….infact she looks cute.
    Agree, dat length is awkward. A shorter one wud hav been great.

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