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  1. KT at | | Reply

    No matter even is she mixed up things.. she is carrying this look very well and come out looking damn nice!

  2. Sin at | | Reply

    Alone* promotions, not Along :)

  3. Mockjay at | | Reply

    Just ewww on so many levels.
    1. Lace romper at 30+ years???
    2. Romper worn on pantyhose as opposed to opaque tights???
    3. Who pairs a romper with boots like those?
    4. A leather jacket worn closed over a lace romper?

    I wish I had at least half of her money. Enuf said.

  4. priyanka at | | Reply

    Hate it.

  5. Tee at | | Reply

    Oooh I like your suggestion! Ankle-high booties and a cape jacket would’ve elevated the look so much!

  6. vee at | | Reply

    it’s like she took a mixed bag and said that’ll do

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