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  1. KP at | | Reply

    is anushka’s bag a custo barcelona ?

  2. madhu at | | Reply

    love bipasha’s look.i adore leggings and don’t understand why many girls at my univ hate it when girls wear them with long tops too.i think they are super cute

    1. SS at | | Reply

      Dont agree..leggings are tacky..never liked them..they look like inner wear….

    2. Clueless at | | Reply

      I think if you are wearing leggings they should be worn with a top that substantially covers your butt. While bips carries this off really well.. I dont think i’d wear that cause its too exposed for me. If you think this look suits you .. go for it!:)

  3. shonali at | | Reply

    both these girls look so pretty here.

  4. Maze at | | Reply

    Bipasha gets my vote, she looks better. Anushka’s shoes are terrible and are trying to compete with the bag.

  5. kitschy gal at | | Reply

    Even though i appreciate the quirk anushka got the look.. I detest those shoes completely!!

    and I relate more to Bipasha’s look.. I’m all for fierce.. the leather cuff, Studded heels and total Rock-chic look. she carries it well and should exchange her otherwise ‘starlet-y’ style for a more edgy one.. she can totally wow us with that!

  6. Anjali at | | Reply

    Anushka all the way !!!! :D
    The cute factor is too big to ignore ;)

  7. hhc-reader at | | Reply

    Bipasha all the way! – she looks fresh and totally own her look.

  8. SS at | | Reply

    Anushka for me!

  9. nalini at | | Reply

    i hate those pink shoes. leggings are super cute when worn the right way

  10. dhruvi at | | Reply

    my vote goes for Bipasha. she looks put together and espcially with those edgy heels is perfect. I am not a big fan of those pink pom pom ballet…

  11. GG at | | Reply

    Bipasha wins this round. Such a respite from here overtly in- your- face sexy look.She actually looks pretty and cute here. Anushka looks underfed and whats with those shoes. People wear just about anything in the name of fashion.

  12. annie at | | Reply

    Bipasha wns this round!!! Her hair looks great too. Both Sushmita (in a prevoius post)and bipasha looks so much better after losing the extra pounds.

  13. Megha at | | Reply

    Bipasha’s look is so casual yet so well put together…def gets my vote
    she’s looking better than ever these days!

    the pink shoes made me cringe

  14. gaga at | | Reply

    wow this took me back many years :)))…i bought a pair of yellow pom pom shoes from the then newly open metro shoe shop in cp, delhi. omg i feel old.
    anushka most definitely!!!

  15. DeLight at | | Reply

    Bips Bips Bips! XD

  16. katty at | | Reply

    Either lend bipasha’s shoes to anushka
    OR lend anushka’s denims to bipasha !!!

  17. Priyanka at | | Reply

    If the Pompoms disappeared, I’m feeling Anushkas outfit a tad bit more.

  18. koel at | | Reply

    My mom would have picked Anushka just so she could put those hair in 2 nice braids. Might have given her a lecture on putting some oil on her hair as well… He he he ….

  19. Fashion Police at | | Reply

    @ Koel: Lol !

    @Bipasha(who isn’t reading this): You’re my Hottie :)

  20. Siddharth at | | Reply

    Anushka looks horrible… yes 100% horrible.

    Bipasha looks great.

  21. Meyah at | | Reply

    Bipasha’s outfit was perfect & she killed it with shoes & her bracelet. She always wear these ugly bracelets or cuffs…

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