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  1. Ranij at | | Reply

    No matter what she does she always looks the same.. Hair and makeup always look pretty much the same. The dress looks nice on her though

    1. arpitha at | | Reply


    2. fashion bubble at | | Reply

      I thought the exact same thing when i saw this pic………………I am bored of her looks

  2. arpitha at | | Reply


  3. arpitha at | | Reply

    Her hair looks like a dolls hair – the hair color & style always look so artificial and do not suit her.

  4. alti at | | Reply

    The gown is beautiful and for once the hairdo goes with the outfit. She looked great!

  5. pixie at | | Reply

    Not liking that shade of yellow.. its coming across a bit harsh.. just me or is it because of my phone’s color setting.. I can never give a 10 on 10 to Bips..

  6. Lavanya Coodly at | | Reply

    It’s always good to take risks once in a while. A bold color, a funky design, an emerging designer… This one worked out.

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