1. the sari itself is pretty but has alot going on in the front and she should have worn a simple blouse to show that part and not complicate it. It’s just too messy on top, and her hair is just wrong. Not sure if it’s the sandals or the hair but something about this look just screams Auntie to me.

  2. There she goes again!!! Almost as if trying to prove somethng in all those ultra feminine lacy things. The saree is lovely but it is not for her.

  3. This is look is really harsh when it isn’t supposed to be. She should have worn a blouse with sleeves or went easy on the make-up.

  4. I seem to find Shehla Khan outfits really tacky and distasteful in reality! It just helps her she’s got Sonam as her friend! This sari being no exception! Tacky!

  5. The saree is lovely it has a vintage chic vibe to it. Maybe bipasha could have styled the hair and blouse a little differently to really bring out the best in the saree, she still looks pretty though.


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