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  1. Astha at | | Reply

    Actually not separates. It’s a dress with draped top from zara! And I agree she does look better in the latter look! The hair look far too Barbey-ish in the RG+RK dress

  2. Myla at | | Reply

    While I admire Bipasha Basu for her dedication to fitness, I really wish she would realise that these little girl dresses do NOT look good on her. She’s a big girl and these tiny dresses make her look bigger. Not to compare but Chitragandha Singh is also quite fit, but she always dresses age and body appropriate.

  3. mary at | | Reply

    She seriously looks like Angie Jolie in the last pic.

  4. niche at | | Reply

    I agree.. she tries to pass off as a 20-something but just comes across as too try-hard

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