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    I love it, I think she looks gorgeous in this Neeta Lulla. I really feel Bipasha is a tall, big boned girl and those little girl dresses just don’t look that great on her. This however, really does!

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      I so agree with you…for somebody with that kind of body no matter how well toned…she should avoid those teeny weeny dresses that she sports..

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        I agree. She is really tall and has broad shoulders and looks athletic. The small little dresses just dont suit her.. no matter how great her legs are.

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    Would have liked to put red silk bedroom slippers on this nightgown thingie.

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    that’s a lovely suit……gives the same vide as a Sabya suit worn by Rani recently

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    She’s looking lovely

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    Refreshingly different! The dainty hairdo & beautiful smile complement her outfit!

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    Looks like a glorified nightie!

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    She looks good.

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