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  1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    yikes! what a dress! but bipasha looks so gorgeous! i think she has changed her make-up…she is wearing lighter make up…and it looks absolutely fantastic! even in the last appearance with that not so nice bcbg dress…her face looked gorgeous!

    1. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

      so true, ol the time bips is with her old hairstyle and makeup. good to see a change :)

      PS: A peeptoe of same color would have worked great

    2. gaga at | | Reply

      agree…either its the makeup and hair or the minimal look or the fact that she is not trying to look sexy, but whatever the reason she looks classy…never though i’ll ever say that about her.

    3. Elysia at | | Reply

      Its definitely the makeup. The lighter brown eye make up is really doing it for her…Very fab…Plus those legs…

  2. S.M at | | Reply

    I kinda like the dress – and bips makes it work as well.
    Not liking the shoes so much.

  3. maru at | | Reply

    Ghastly is right! Although I don’t like either of them, both the runway dresses shown here look better than the one Bipasha has on. I’m not sure how one can make that awful dress work! Bipasha looks good if one disregards the dress, but how does one look past such an eyesore :P

    1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      just don’t look at the dress. look at the face :D

  4. Nadia at | | Reply

    I prefer this dress over the last one. It is a little more interesting in style. I like the bubble effect but the bow could be a little more out or smaller. People tend to overlook Bipasha’s beauty when she is in Western gear because of her incredibly toned figure but she looks just as good in traditional sarees. It’s easy to miss her beautiful face and almond shaped eyes over those never ending legs! She is sexy AND beautiful.

  5. Rezia at | | Reply

    Wow she is looking good! She’s the only person who can make that ugly dress work.
    Also, is it me or does she look a lot like Frieda Pinto here? Maybe it’s the razor sharp cheekbones?
    Her make-up is spot on nevertheless.

  6. gaga at | | Reply

    their line seems inspired from Valentino Petale handbags.
    bipasha looks amazing. agree with HHC fan…there is something different about bipasha’s face. the last two apperances have been fab.

  7. LuvFashion at | | Reply

    OMG… Bips is looking better den dos runway model. Dress looks AMAZZING on her!

  8. hhc-fan at | | Reply

    The dress is bad – but the woman looks gorgeous. Neck up and her legs are a sight for sore eyes. I could kill for her toned arms.

  9. probster at | | Reply

    She can make an apron look sexy and haute couture. She’s pulled this off so well and I heart the hair! Woulda liked to see dramatic silver heels with the dress…but Hey! she matched the finger nails with the color of the footwear…’tis all in the li’l details!

  10. kaya at | | Reply

    I wouldn’t say the the dress is ghastly, odd perhaps.. definitely not a piece of great cratftsmanship that’s for sure. But we’re talking Gauri and Nainika here c’mon. The fact that all these ladies where labels like Manish Malhotra, Bebe and G&N 70% of the time demonstrates how much they know about fashion. Fashion icon, best dressed lists… ha ha, seriously??? what?

    Anyhow I think the make up and hair works very much and the silhouette flatters because her figure and height is correct for such a dress, the shoes are bad, plain bad.

    1. Pri at | | Reply

      I agree! And it’s so sad that so many Indian designers who make non-Indian clothes that is, come up with the most sub standard bizzare badly made stuff, it’s pathetic! They shouldn’t be called ‘designers’ they are just tailors, and bad ones at that ! Imitating other designers and doing it badly! And ofcourse all our lovely bollywood ladies only encourage this fashion massacre by endorsing their clothes. AARGH!

      1. kaya at | | Reply

        Massacre it is. Because the people they are taking inspiration from left right and centre and hugely talented, studied and acclaimed people.

        1. kaya at | | Reply

          are hugely…

  11. kaya at | | Reply


  12. Keya at | | Reply

    omg 100%.. i wonder how effortlessly she made it look so gorgeous!!!!

  13. Anu at | | Reply

    I think the bottom half of the dress is ghastly…but what a beautiful face…I mean, the cheekbones, the smile, the gorgeous eyes, the perfect nose…and not forgetting her perfectly taned skin…I don’t think she even wears body make-up…

  14. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Bips looks so fresh! LOVE
    a dress is as good as you look in it ;) and a fabulously toned bod doesn’t hurt- at all
    AHHH! I need to get back to gymming :(

  15. s_star at | | Reply

    Bipasha definitely looks lovely – but can we focus on the dress for just one minute – ok, make that 10 seconds if you can’t stand it for that long!
    Something about the attempt to do these rosettes just doesn’t look right and/or original. Designers should keep this tightly wrapped around their heads that inspiration is good/healthy, while plagiarism is downright forbidden! I mean in these days of global social connectedness – you cannot hide behind the runway curtains and pray that no one will find out. Actually, enough said.
    Oh, did I mention Bipasha really works this outfit well? :)

  16. zini at | | Reply

    Totally agree with you that this makes it work. Although I am not ‘wowed’ by this dress at all, I find it ‘different’ and intriguing in a modern art sort of way.

    Bipasha’s got a va-va-voom toned body…that lady works out and looks healthy. Kudos to her.

  17. zini at | | Reply

    Totally agree with you that this makes it work. Although I am not ‘wowed’ by this dress at all, I find it ‘different’ and intriguing in a modern art sort of way.

    Bipasha’s got a va-va-voom toned body…that lady works out and looks healthy. Kudos to her.

  18. ila at | | Reply

    i think the dress is GORGEOUS and love the shoe pairing aswell…way to go bips for being fashion -forward and pulling it off!

  19. Kiwi at | | Reply

    She is looking fab! she can carry off anything!-face and hair look lovely. I would change the shoes

  20. Su at | | Reply

    BB looks fabulous, and totally rocks the weird dress!!

  21. preethi at | | Reply

    bipasha is so hot. makes that dress look so good!

  22. karisma at | | Reply

    i love bipasha in tht dress… the dress it self i like from wait up only….
    although im not a very big fan of gauri and nainika… this line is just totally inspired by valentino… their handbags have the same rose motif…..but then this is not the first time G&N were inspired…..

  23. pamela at | | Reply

    LOVE the dress.She makes it work with that fab body.Don’t like the shoes.They should’ve been a diff colour.Perhaps a bright silver or even a bold colour just in a diff style.

  24. pri at | | Reply

    omg her shoes are super lame but she looks adorable. i kind of love the dress.

  25. suzy q at | | Reply

    i like the top half of the dress; it sort of flattens the chest, but i’ve never been one for big boobs anyway. the rest is a little weird.

    for the first time in my life i find myself saying bips is beautiful. the hair is lovely, as is the fresh makeup. now she ain’t madhubala, but she’s looking lovely here.

    and the legs: please, it’s good that bips has a healthy lifestyle, but last time i looked up “endless legs” in the dictionary, it simply read “lara dutta”. now she’s a hottie worth aspiring toward.

  26. sri at | | Reply

    only petite girls like genelia can work dress! bipasha is too big for that dress. for older women, when the top half is exposed, cover the bottom half. u cannot expose both the sides and still be comfortable!

  27. shireen at | | Reply

    head to toe….lovely!

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