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  1. K at | | Reply

    I don’t like this dress either. It’s so “witchy” looking to me, though probably the designer aimed for the “princess” look. haha..

  2. saya at | | Reply

    Too puffy, but i like the blue in an odd way!

  3. ariel001 at | | Reply

    well i dont like bipasha’s version at all. it makes her look stuffed/puffed.lol

    while raina’s and sonam’s doesnt looks puffed up at all. its relaxed. and their dresses dont have the inner layer part like the model and bipasha.

    btw. my final word is that. raina’s and sonam’s is not “huge” like the the model’s or bipasha’s dress.

  4. priya at | | Reply

    mmmm…well, d dress looks bad on bipasha but good on raima. may be petite women can carry off this dress better. i dunno. not liking the runway version either….

  5. priya at | | Reply

    ughhhh! bipasha’s shoes r horrendous! P and P…are they Jimmy Choo??

  6. Ash at | | Reply

    I quite liked this dress on the runway… but not too keen on it anywhere else!
    The photographically enhanced colour looks great on Sonam, but the dress still doesnt look quite right. The fit is terrible on Raima. And on Bipasha, well its either the uneven hemline of the dress, or just the way its been photographed, but her legs look really stumpy.

  7. Adi at | | Reply

    I don’t like the dress AT ALL!! But it looked beautiful on Sonam in that photoshoot- mostly because you can’t see the length and also the back of the dress.

  8. desibuff at | | Reply

    Horrible dress! Bips looks like an aging dowager dragonlady. The straps on the dress, oh my! they look so neighborhood darzi-done! Couture gone wrong, when you look at the back panel..awful outfit!

  9. HipGirl at | | Reply

    The only picture that the dress looks bearble in is the one with Sonam. And that’s only because it hides the ghastly hemline. This looks like a prom dress gone all wrong.

  10. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i think it would’ve looked prettier if they’d left it at knee length, or a just a little past the knees.

    btw, pnp, i’d sent you guys a message on the facebook page, but wasn’t sure if you check that site regularly. should i just have emailed it?

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    you know what…I sort of like the runway version (as the model pulls it off)
    asymetrical designs are rampant on the spring runways this year too …
    Raima’s shoes, face and hair all look very pretty
    I like Sonam’s necklace too

  12. pdaervo at | | Reply

    In fact, I’m positively in LOVE with Raima’s hair!!!!!
    love the tousled romantic look@

  13. Carol at | | Reply

    This dress is ugly. But Sonam’s picture looks good.

  14. Adriana at | | Reply

    hate that dress !! Perhaps, it could have been better with an even length.. and yes this dress is a turn off. I don’t mind the black version.. but the runway version.. sigh; only if it was a better color.

  15. nmee at | | Reply

    it would look so gorgeous in eggplant and gold *drools*

  16. SExyDevil at | | Reply

    I like the dress of the runway and on Sonam. The black one does not work for me.

  17. PC at | | Reply

    I really like the dress! It’s chic with a contemporary twist! I am just not diggin’ Bipasha’s shoes with it…

  18. Belle at | | Reply

    sonam looks nice but

  19. malini at | | Reply

    sonam’s.. cause of the color and gold in it… black one is too witchy

  20. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Seriously? Such a cheap looking dress…did they think they would look like Disney Princesses??

  21. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    I don’t like the uneven length either. It might have been a pretty dress if the whole thing was either knee-length or long to the ground.

  22. manisha at | | Reply

    i dont like this dress at all, but sonam makes it look chic. maybe because she’s sitting down so you cant really see the uneven cut

  23. Deepa at | | Reply

    It looks good only on Sonam, maybe because she is sitting and the length or the cut of the dress at the bottom is not visible. Besides, in Sonam’s case, she has posed well and the lighting is also good.

  24. Niks at | | Reply

    although the dress completely lacks that “wow” factor, it looks alright on Sonam Kapoor and may be its the way she has been photographed.

  25. krzykuri at | | Reply

    I dont like the dress at all. Bipasha looks funny. Raima looks pretty. My girl, Sonam, looks like a beautiful modern princess. Love the color on her!!

  26. bels at | | Reply

    i like it.. i think its nice, at least the top part..
    but for the blue dress, i like the colour of the layering underneath

  27. Adit at | | Reply

    It has too much happening. something that looks good on the ramp does not translate well in real life.
    Bips did not make the dress look any better with her ugly shoes.

  28. alisha at | | Reply

    hey p&P waz bipasha carrying?
    love sonam!!!!!!!!

  29. Rachita at | | Reply

    The dress is looking really bad on the model………specially the white net thing…….gives it a kinda cheap look…the fact that sonam is sitting, makes the dress look better on her…….n ofcourse the net doesnt show…..

  30. Surbhi at | | Reply

    ooooh… i just love the part below the knees of this dress.. it has such a cinderella feel.. loooove it…it looks the best on the runway..

  31. mia at | | Reply

    don’t like the dress. it looks like a bit like a costume.

  32. sana at | | Reply

    well i like the dress on sonaM as well as on the raMP but im digging it on BIps.she looks so tacKY.the dress does not compliment her dusKy complexion and the SHOES!UUHhhh

  33. ahugefanofwebsite at | | Reply

    HATE it HATE it HATE it

    although love Raima’s face, blue color :-)

  34. luvstonz at | | Reply

    This is an homage to the 1980’s asymmetrical peplum dress?

  35. Namrata at | | Reply

    I love the color on Sonam! I think if the dress was not uneven, and had been either a knee length or long dress it would’ve looked much nicer. I don’t mind the top half at all…

  36. divi at | | Reply

    Love the colors on Sonam. One reason Sonam looks that good is probably because she is sitting and one cannot see the asymmetrical dress. Her dress also pops because of the muted background. I wonder if this dress might look too loud in any other setting.

    The black dress is a bit too dull and might not complement any person or skin tone.

  37. suchi at | | Reply

    pretty awful it is the worst on bipasha. BTW how much does this dress cost?

  38. Dahlia Noir at | | Reply

    I like it, especially the front :p It’s original and fun ! And the blue one is just perfect ^

  39. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    This is a fun young dress which got ruined in black me thinks. Might either look good in young colours with good fit,or just as an editorial dress. Looks pretty on runway though. Maybe we’ll get to see some pics in colours on women with gorgeous legs and it would look good.

  40. k at | | Reply

    i actually love the dress on bipasha! i remember seeing her on the filmfare awards and i loved the dress.. complete with her gladiators! very trendy and very today! i also liked her rihanna type of hairstyle along with the dress! you go girl! =)

  41. spardha at | | Reply

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DRESS.. there i said it!! well don’t ppl get it.. its not a princessy gone wrong.. its not princessy whatsoever. i think its very contemporary.. sorta POWER dress.. i donno i love the stiff pleats and bipasha wears the puuurrfect gladiators with it. it may not be oh so feminine but is sooo hot!

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