1. When did Bipasha start to look so tacky? The sheer top is disaster. The colors clash too much, especially the shade of lipstick. The hair looks plain messy – so what if it’s a braid? And that skirt is far too short to be worn on anyone who is not a teenager.

  2. This reminds me of a christmas tree! Not good! and you need a nice same color lace bra if you want to pull off sheer top-visible bra look

  3. I like this much better than her earlier appearance. Looks much more chic. I wish the necklace could have been skipped and worn a charms bracelet.

  4. Maybe she woke up in patriotic mood and wants to channell the Indian flag. Orange from the top, green from the skirt and white from the bra :-)

  5. LOVE! she looks chic, stylish, fresher than before. A black inner though instead of the white could’ve worked better.


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