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    I couldn’t agree more with Payal. Bipasha’s hair is not working. I wish they werent colored and were ironed. Her mom looks gorgeous!
    On a different note- Queenie looks great!

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      ii meant to say “weren’t” ironed

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    Aww, they put that poor girl in such short shorts.

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      pshhh, she carries it off well

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    Bipasha’s Mum is gorgeous too! Umm why is Niska Lull dress in fancy dress? I don’t see a Barbie meets village girl theme on anyone else?!

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      haha! so true that looks is definitely barbie meets village girl and it doesn’t really work on the ramp.

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    Bipasha looks gorgeous

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    Bips and mom look gawjus! Wish mommy Lulla wore some color too, the black’s too stark for me!
    And for once I’m liking all that bling on Queenie…!

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    Nice to see these ppl with thr mothers and daughters.
    I agree, bipasha’s hair is a bit severe for a the light elegant saree.
    Queenie has a leggy daughter just like herself… hope she has better dressing sense though.
    This is the best i have seen Madhoo look on this blog.

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    i didnt like ANY of the clothes (except for the peach sari on bips), but my heart melted at all this lovely mummy-daughter-goodness. god bless mums and daughters :)

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    Such heavy sarees and clothes to showcase jewellery.. stylists, jewels need to be shown off with simple clothes.. the focus is more on the women/clothes than the jewellery.. the concept is nice though-moms+daughters . Queenie’s daughter looks nice and Bips’ saree is truly lovely.. her mom is very attractive :) don’t like Bips’ hair colour as well

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    love the way Bips is carrying off the look.. also Madhoo.

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    Love Nishka’s outfit !

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    How lovely does Bips’ mum look? I hate to be mean, but she’s not a patch on her!

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    Love suchitra’s dress….queenie’s daughter looks like she’d rather be anywhere else than on that ramp !

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    I’m loving what Pria’s daughter is wearing, it’s so hippy, young, and fresh!

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    This is a nice change from the usual fashion shows
    I’m loving what all the women are wearing, Pria really knows how to make them look like a million bucks!
    speaking of, Pria herself looks so young, can’t believe she has such a grown up daughter! where has she been hiding this superstar in the making

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    So sweet to see Mothers and daughters together…

    Doesn’t Bipasha’s mom looks like Moushmi Chaterjee?

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