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  1. vivek at | | Reply

    Bipasha looks way prettier.

  2. Ria at | | Reply

    Prabal Gurung is featuring for target! The lookbook looks awesome :)

    1. Keya at | | Reply

      Seriously! Thats awesome!

  3. Farrah at | | Reply

    bipasha does look nicer … her look is more stylish/polished … but that does not mean genelia is looking bad. she’s just dressed in a casual laid back style

    1. Sani at | | Reply

      Casual and laid back doesn’t mean that you don’t worry about the fit or even bother to brush your hair!

      1. Farrah at | | Reply

        yea, maybe the jeans aren’t a perfect fit .. and if i own pair of misfit ones .. i’d ditch them after trying to work them two or three times as well … and maybe this is one of those times when she’s trying to work a misfit pair .. that’s alright .. cuz it’s just a screening. and not brushing hair … hmmm … seem more brushed than mine :)
        everyone has a right to be casual and laid back with un-brushed hair every now then between hectic schedules and needing to be dolled up as often as these girls do.

  4. Riya at | | Reply

    I prefer Genelia here bcos she looks so cute and comfortable.

  5. Viz at | | Reply

    I just find it amusing how difficult the BTown ladies find it when it comes to going casual. They almost get it wrong all the time. Except anushka and deepika.. I do dig their casual style..

  6. MISSquoted** at | | Reply

    No you needn’t (pssst, it’s Bipasha!)

  7. mpriya at | | Reply

    love bips- is genelia hiding a whole snack bar in her bag?

  8. crown princess at | | Reply

    Bipasha looks like in an effortless way. Anybody else thinks that she looks like Freida Pinto especially in the first pic!

  9. crown princess at | | Reply

    Oops I meant nice!

  10. SLC at | | Reply

    Definitely Bipasha. But I do like Genelia’s bag.

  11. tina at | | Reply

    I prefer Genelia here, not because she’s so fashionable looking or anything but because she’s not. It’s such a relief seeing an actress not obsessed with the camera and dressed as a cookie cutter with the same dyed brown straightened hair, tight skinny jeans and high heels. It’s a boring uniform now.

    Genelia looks cute and sweet and doesn’t have desperation wafting off her to look hot and sexy for the camera 24/7.

  12. jagruti at | | Reply

    bipasha anyday!!!she looks so classy even wen she’s in such a simple attire!!!

  13. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Bipasha Bipasha!:*

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