1. Bipasha for one does not always wear big labels. She must be appreciated for that. She makes casual chic look sexy with just her attitude.

  2. She looks super!! I would have liked this dress with more open, strappy shoes but she still looks great. The color is gorgeous on her.

  3. she looks absolutely fantastic! i think this is the first time i’ve liked a bootie on anyone! btw, do you know who the dress is by? it is so wearable as in not just be the stars but by any of us…

  4. love everything ab her in this pic….except the shoes. they kinds ruin the whole look. strappy black sandals or black high heels wudv looked so much better.

  5. i’ve nevr been able 2 like dose ugly things..look too manly..m talking abt dose booties..or watever u cal dem!!
    but luuurrrvve her otherwise!!she looks sooooo beautiful, i love d way she jus oozes intoxicating sex appeal without trying too hard

  6. I loved the dress but somehow i don’t think Bipasha has the body language to carry something so feminine. …. somehow i want her to start wearing matured dresses ….

  7. Loovvee the dress … for once atleast bipasha’s sex appeal is not on display.. she looks great carrying this descent look :)


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