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  1. monika at | | Reply

    what’s with that hairstyle………really kiddish

  2. KK at | | Reply

    Her legs are like a mile long .. of course it’ll look good on her ;)

  3. RB at | | Reply

    love both!!!

  4. lovechanel at | | Reply

    who is the left one by? it looks like a beautiful james ferriera creation but i could be wrong! i kind of like both. its like a day and night one…the only thing i dont like is the shoes and bag in the linen cotton jumpsuit. The silver colour of it is not the issue..its the style. BTW crossbody bags are so in and def so comfortable

  5. bongbabe at | | Reply

    who is this lady? can we have more of her please on this blog?

  6. cher at | | Reply

    Sometimes…I want to give you guys WHATTHEHEY…for your choice of clothes…this is one of them !!!

  7. Pri at | | Reply

    prefer the one on the right. BUT that hair has GOT TO GO! ick!!

  8. diptiN at | | Reply

    she has the body to carry this outfit and she wear both very well. I especially like the one on the right.

  9. Roshini at | | Reply

    She wears them both very well. IMO its Binal wearing the dress and not the other way around.

  10. NitashaJ at | | Reply

    That hairstyle is just plain sad. I can’t bring myself to look at the clothes when the hair is so distracting!

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