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  1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Boy, wasn’t she worried? Bhavna? No wonder her smile is so strained

  2. jnnsmpth at | | Reply

    Let me guess, the white background is a (poor) substitute for the white shoe? :P
    Ditch the new background, bring back the black, bring back the shoe and the bald lady too…


    1. KJ at | | Reply

      I too miss the bald woman in the heel logo.

      Nandita Mahtani should retire from designing outfits.

  3. Jasmine at | | Reply

    Guys, I don’t really like the new layout. The black was so much nicerrr :(

  4. Cheeky Thing at | | Reply

    very very odd. the blue dress on Bhawna … she looks out of bed after a naughty rendezvous ;) .. Tara in comparison looks much better and well put together

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