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  1. nisha b at | | Reply

    Horrendous saree on bhavana and avantika looks simple and nice. Btw was there a note stating the guests should wear only MM. There’s like MM overdose and it’s nauseating.

  2. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    “Not only did we prefer Avantika’s sari over Bhavana’s by a mile…” — really??

  3. SMM at | | Reply

    Avantika may have styled her sari better than Bhavna, but Bhavna’s sari was definitely far more striking and appropriate than the plain black one. That would look good at a corporate event. We’re Indians. We like our bling on our clothes, especially during functions. Let’s not get Western about our sensibilities when it comes to weddings. That’s when we go all out

    1. Paroma at | | Reply

      Why pick a black sari for a wedding function?
      Bhavna’s sari could have looked good with a less awful blouse.
      On a side note, really don’t see the problem with Avantika’s sari drape – looks fine to me.

  4. SU at | | Reply

    With so much access to stylist and clothes its really interesting that Avanika have no clue abt her body type and the basic realization that she does not look like a model / actress and continues to look so odd. What is even funnier is that this blog keeps saying she looks ok when she does not.

    1. tina at | | Reply

      Avantika’s wearing a simple sari. What more is she supposed to do about her “body type?” She’s short so a lot of clothes are going to look a little overwhelming on her. She can’t do much about that.

      There’s no need for everyone to fit into the same Deepika/Sonan box and even if they wanted to we can’t do a lot about own god-given attributes.

    2. UM at | | Reply

      So true !

    3. Megha at | | Reply

      1) she is wearing a sari – essentially our national dress. She is wearing a standard blouse and has draped it in the normal way. Where in the world does body type come in and what do you suggest she wear instead? And should every person in india who does not have model proportions stop wearing saris and dress in mumus?
      2) she had a baby less than a year ago I believe
      3) she is not a celebrity and does not owe it to anyone to conform to any standards just because she is married to an actor
      4) the woman likes her body for what it is and all I power to her

      The level of body shaming on the comment board of this website is dreadful. I have never seen comments to this level about “body type” on western fashion blogs. Shame on all of us

      1. Malaise at | | Reply

        Agree with everything except the national dress bit.

      2. su at | | Reply

        i think you got me completely wrong, I share the exact same body type so I absolutely understand. Just do a search on her prior appearances and you will probably understand what I was trying to say. Sari is one garment which has hide all flaws and if you think that sari is draped right then I am not sure you are a regular sari wearer like me.

    4. deb at | | Reply

      She is wearing a simple sari draped in the standard way! How do you suggest she does this specifically to flatter her ‘body type’?! Also her body is in no way particularly unusual or unappealing. Not everyone is a slim tall stunner and that is okay.

    5. Saya at | | Reply

      I definitely agree. Every appearance of hers has been ridiculous. This is the first time I am actually not laughing at her clothes. She always gets a free pass on Highheel like few others “celebs” :P

  5. Amodini at | | Reply

    Avantika’s sari is too plain for a sangeet, and not really remarkable. Bhavana’s is a little too blingy (I still prefer it) but could have been made better with a toned down blouse and jewelry.

  6. paris at | | Reply

    You’ve got to be kidding! Avantika looks better than bhavna from which angle? She looks hideous! You really need to be able to differentiate better between good/bad sari & good/bad styling.

    1. Sheneitha at | | Reply

      +100000 agree

  7. Asha at | | Reply

    Avantika’s fringe (bangs?) isn’t doing her any favors…

  8. apsara77 at | | Reply

    I think both saree’s would’ve looked better with different blouses. Bhavana’s needed a more toned down one while Avantika’s needed a more embellished or a better designed blouse. I don’t get these posts hating on Avantika saying she’s not dressing for her body type. A saree such as the one she’s wearing goes with ALL of our myriad desi body types (vs a net or a more see through saree for which you need Shilpa Shetty type abs). In my opinion, she doesn’t need to be more blinged up for a sangeet event. Having seen what all the others wore, which overshadowed the bride’s outfit, she’s very appropriately dressed.

  9. blah at | | Reply

    what is up with avantika’s hair?

  10. sarah at | | Reply

    Fail to understand why Avantika is featured here- why why?? Nothing to do with body type bias. Just when are her choices interesting let alone palatable style wise?

  11. iti at | | Reply

    Bhavna’s sari looks like a mithai box, while Avantika’s sari is if am not wrong Nachiket Barve. I wish she would have worn a better blouse with that and draped the sari better, her neck looks bare.

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