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  1. bozo at | | Reply

    Hey thanks for letting us know about this.. It’s really cool!

  2. s g at | | Reply

    woww…thanks for letting us knww!!
    ur amazing!

    and ya..im defo taking part! :)
    wish me luck guys!

  3. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    PnP i think u guys should pull something like that, I am sure you’ll get crazy response from us ;)

    Also why dont you girls keep a forum where we can add other commentors as friends,u know few of us think the same way

  4. bharti at | | Reply

    oh you guys are awesome and the contest is fun!!! :) am taking part too…!!!

  5. Alforock12 at | | Reply

    Support and vote me ;D tp://casting.benetton.com/users/2825-alforock12-vote-me-my-friend/ on the casting ;)

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