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  1. Carol at | | Reply

    Both look stupid. Rompers should only be worn by kids – preferably little girls.

  2. Priyanka at | | Reply

    neither .. but amrita’s blinged look scores over chess board roshni..

  3. oldzia_ino at | | Reply

    Both have too mush jewellery but I prefer Amrita

  4. amnA- at | | Reply

    prefer amrita.. she keeps it more luxe with only gold jewels and shoes.. the other has too much colour and HATING the shoes!

  5. anon at | | Reply

    they are both OK. Nothing memorable here.

  6. Priti at | | Reply

    I think Amrita….

  7. sabeena at | | Reply


  8. Aarthi at | | Reply

    mmmm…hard to say. I like Amrita’s gold bangles and the accessories. The other one has too many candy colors and is just not “stylish” enough in a cool chic modern sense..

  9. Vish at | | Reply

    Is it just me or bollywood is surrounded by slappers. I am not sure who the other chick is but lets admit the fact that Amrita Arora should try being her sister as she was, is and will always be a trash.

  10. pdaevo at | | Reply

    I prefer Amrita’s look by far…but I would have prefered less jewlery
    @Vish ..I don ‘t really understand…

  11. nagina at | | Reply

    none of em ! both are lookin so cheap !

  12. Belle at | | Reply

    Amrita…coz of the jewellery she matched with it.

    I think also, that Roshni doesn’t look too confident wearing that…so that also doesn’t help.

    and guys, Roshni is a tv actress on Zee Tv (Kasam Seh) and a tv host on Zee Music

  13. saya at | | Reply

    both look meh!

  14. Surbhi at | | Reply

    Amrita.. very stylish, but an overload on those bangles!

  15. Jaishree at | | Reply

    Amritas, she looks elegant but needs to ditch the jewellery. Whats with Roshnis romper? It looks weird.

  16. Neha at | | Reply


  17. GW at | | Reply

    They both look so funny ! LOL. Little girls who never grew up ! And that pout on Amrita ! Too funny

  18. raj at | | Reply

    amritas dress is better..but the bangles…she s lookin like a newly wed who wants to wear western outfil wid loads of churis..n her chains lookin like mangalsutra…its it hip dreess y makin it all tacky..

  19. Belle at | | Reply

    ooo! both of them are wearing one anklet each! hehe

  20. hermione at | | Reply

    amrita….because it looks more flattering when the shoulders are covered if you are showing off your legs..

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