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  1. well heeled at | | Reply

    I know I can work it! You buying them for me?

  2. Jamie Dawn at | | Reply

    I wear headbands sometimes, and I love to wear little clips in my hair. I have fine hair, so I can’t wear any heavy barrettes. They fall right out of my hair.
    I wear my hair short, and it’s fairly easy to style each day. I wash it every other day, and the off day is the day to grab the headband or clips!! :-)
    I’d kill for thick, gorgeous hair, but it just isn’t in my genes.

  3. love and squalor at | | Reply

    bad bad idea for a person rapidly balding. alright not rapidly but quite alarmingly.
    no escapin the 60 min hair care routine every mornin, I guess.
    interestin taste, though.

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