1. total disaster. the hair is sloppy. the shoes are just hideous…why are her toes sticking out too much in the front? the pants are too short. the bag is nothing spectacular. she can do so much better!

  2. again, a very indian face and build that looks incongruous in western wear, like vidya balan. that said, she’s looking a lot slmmer than i’ve seen her in ages.

  3. Now this is amusing…When she was at her peak after her blockbuster movie and all..she chose to go behenji….wearing only salwars and saris. And now suddenly after 15 years(??) instead of aging gracefully, she’s trying her darnest best to go western and sexy (cleavage show et al.)…..don’t people normally go the popposite route??

  4. I think she looks nice, like Mia said…for anyone to look like that after kids and at 39! would be a great achievement by itself. And the look isnt all that bad…Good Going I’d say!!

  5. lol@lolita, so true! i wonder if she is having some kind of mid-life crisis and trying to solve it by changing up her look!

  6. wow..39. i couldn’t hv imagined that. she looks fab considering that. she could have had a different purse..it looks a bit cheapish. i agree she looks a bit out of place in western outfits.

  7. she’s gorgeous. the clothes aren’t perfect but they’re not that bad. i’ve seen worse. i don’t see why it’s an issue for her to wear western clothes. maybe she always wore them at home.

  8. She’s sooo pretty – not liking the mutton dressed as lamb look – nothing wrong ith wearing western clothes and she has a fabulous figure but something more age appropriate and classy would have been better than the wannabe rock chick look.

  9. Actually she does look far better compared to lot other women in their 30’s…like VidyaB and not bursting out of her clothes!:P Btw, Is she wearing those 5/6ths or is it Soha’s type pants?

  10. Read somewhere, she declared she is undergoing a major sexy makeover.. If this is what is the end result is, I am terribly disappointed.

  11. 39 isn’t the time to “age gracefully”. FOr a generation raised on Sex and the City, I am apalled at your narrow thinking! If Sarah Jessica Parker can wear teenage-friendly trends at 44, why not some one who’s still not hit 40? And Bhagyashree has chosen a fairly modest outfit. And there might be glitches in the ensemble, but the fact remains that she is very pretty- the naturally beautiful kind, not the Kareena Kapoor or Neha Dhupia kind- forced pouts, ugly and over-painted faces and all boobs and bones. I really think Bhagyashee is very pretty though she obviously looks her best in saris.
    PS- I am no fan of hers, btw.

  12. heard she’s making a ‘comeback’. i’d like to sit her down and explain why the shoes and belt need to go. Coco’s pobably turning in her grave after this…seriously , indian celebrities should learn the art of accessorising.

  13. i completely agree with NJ. It’s hideously narrow minded to think 39 is midlife. My mom is 60 and she’s still an attractive woman, she goes out all the time to functions, drives around london on her own every day, travels all over the world and is interested in fashion. obviously she dresses tastefully and not like the picture above but she’s still a vibrant interesting woman. she’s much prettier now than she was in the past because now there’s more information on nutrition, creams, health routines such as yoga, etc. maddona just turned 50 and she wears leotards on stage and i don’t see anyone accusing her of having a mid life crisis. in fact i’ve noticed that women get more confident as they grow older now and we have to get used to that. why should only men have all the fun.

  14. i do think she looks very nice too. she’s obviously going through some kind of identity crisis. and if she’s exploring new avenues, so much the power to her.

  15. saw the coverage of this event in all papers today. there were some nice looking socialites and designers there. put some posts up na.. and personally i quite like her but only whn she dresses like this she looks like a wannabe


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