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  1. Megha at | | Reply

    I most definitely prefer Ayesha Thapar… She carries of this rather nice dress really well, it’s suits her much better. Pumps would have been nice though.

  2. Kriti at | | Reply

    Its the tied up hair which makes Sabina look better. The dress is nothing out-of-the-world…

  3. rr at | | Reply

    i vote for ayesha thapar too.

  4. Nat at | | Reply

    I simply love Ayesha Thapar. She’s beyond gorgeous and can almost carry off anything.

  5. kara at | | Reply

    It’s such an ugly dress! Why, with all the outfits available would anyone choose to wear this, is beyond me.

  6. shireen at | | Reply

    I prefer it on Ayesha – like the way she coordinated the clutch with the sleeve detail

  7. npm at | | Reply

    Sabina Singh always looks fresh and pulled-together. Love that ponytail!

  8. Pamela at | | Reply

    I like Sabina’s look more.Heart her shoes.

  9. Mash at | | Reply

    Sabina all the way. She lets the dress do the talking.

  10. Trixie at | | Reply

    This dress is designed by Raven & Rose. The Designer Ami Grewal is such a behind the scenes- genius. Her stuff rocks! On this one I would have to say Ayehsa all the way.

    I wonder what Ami thinks….

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