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  1. DiptiN at | | Reply

    How did she get into these jeans? She looks terrible, but as long as I remember she always looks squeezed into her clothes.

    1. POP at | | Reply

      Like the female Ayushman Khurana!

  2. neha at | | Reply

    Those jeans are not meant for her body type……she looks humongous

  3. mesta at | | Reply


  4. sunray at | | Reply

    hate is a very strong word…!

  5. B at | | Reply

    If she doesn’t like us, she should just tell us. Why wear this and assault our senses?

  6. farrah at | | Reply

    We should totally turn her into a desi-kim-kardashian! albeit with a little intervention O_O

  7. Lola at | | Reply

    I am very much in agreement with your observation. Those jeans are ghastly.

  8. Riya at | | Reply

    I would say that aishwarya is the same size as her but ayesha is really unselfconcious or in denial about her size whereas aishwarya is more conscious. The shirt is nice.

    1. Amu at | | Reply

      Why on earth should she be conscious of her size… She is a lovely female who owns her body.. Comments like this make me sick to my stomach.. It is not a sin to be curvy or even fat… You need not cover up in volumes of fabric just because you have some meat on you and are not a bony clothes hanger… It is perfectly okay to say that this outfit doesn’t suit her body type. But, suggesting that she somehow needs to be conscious and cover-up is terrible… Young girls have enough body issues… We need to be appreciative of the people who are confident in any size…

  9. Paroma at | | Reply

    Seems to be a common theme in Bollywood…to buy clothes that are several sizes too small

  10. sara at | | Reply

    forget the pants, It’s the ghastly shoes that are giving me convulsions

  11. Adara at | | Reply

    What the…How did she get into those denims?

  12. Tingatipto at | | Reply

    Ayesha Ignore the haters. You look great! Everyone of these hateful commenters would gladly sell their souls for a curvy voluptuous body like yours. You go girl! Wear whatever makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, the only person you need to look good for is yourself.

    1. The Hellenist at | | Reply

      A “decent human not seething with envy and trying to cover it with a pathetic put-on of erudition and big words” in these pages! O_o ? Hi how are you? Lost your way? Can I help?

  13. cremebrule at | | Reply

    her shadow on the car, in the 1st pic is making her look curvier than she is,very unflattering pic. high waist jeans are soo mehhhhh,, i hope they never come back! TAckiaaa whyy??

  14. The Hellenist at | | Reply

    Now that is a woman for whom early men drew on caves…. THAT is a WOMAN Ladies and Gentlemen…

  15. mona at | | Reply

    With a full upper body shes clearly wearing the wrong jeans!!

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