In Libas by Riyaz Gangji


The Libas store hosted a promotional event for the movie ‘Mod‘ for which the movie’s actress, Ayesha Takia put in an appearance dressed in Libas by Riyaz Gangji. An outfit which by the way, did absolutely nothing for her. The pretty actress just can’t seem to catch a break!

The producer, director and co-star didn’t fare any better either.

This was one big collective scoop of Tacktastic!

Ayesha Takia

L To R: Elahe Hiptoola, Nagesh Kukunoor And Rannvijay Singh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Please don’t hold it against them…I have a strong feeling all of them were made to wear these hideous outfits as a part of some kind of promotional tie-ups or something!! I know for a fact that Elahe has better taste than that… :))

  2. OMG!! OMG!!! Can you just retain the faces and chop off the balance part of the pictures… It’s hurting the eye… The guys look like (not)knights in Shining (no) armour!!!

  3. looks like all the ladies got the same blouse and the event could had done with a lil less light owing to the already lit up men…!!!:)

  4. Imagine the name of the store is Libas when they dont a single piece worthy enough. Even I beleive they were forced to wear such hideous clothes. Even Ayesha’s lovely face and Ranvijay’s charms could n’t save them..

  5. uhmm, i hope this was some “in character” appearance or something, lol! The guys’ suits are made of steel and chromium, respectively.

  6. I seriously think this was an obligation…since they’re all looking pretty ‘tacktastic’ as you rightly said

    Rannvijay always looks so gorgeous that this DEFINITELY cannot be his choice.
    I refuse to believe it.
    Even at gunpoint ;) :P


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