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  1. ngm82 at | | Reply

    she looks pretty.. like the way she has paired her accessories with the dress.. not making it too doll like!

  2. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Too flouncy a dress, totally mismatched accessories. Where to start? Those gorgeous loubes certainly are powerful and not frilly-fem. Wasted on this dress. The quilted chanel so wrong for the dress. She should have done a tiny clutch.The black belt on the pink dress? Lordy, it is wide and harsh. Finally, the dark sweater should be verboten, as a delicate stole would have been the way to go if she wanted to showcase her flouncy dress. Total waste of lovely accessories and a disservice to her own dress which might have looked alright had she paired them with the right accessories.

  3. monika at | | Reply

    Cute but too many ruffles on the pink dress.The ruffles on the side could have been given a miss. Do love her accessories though.
    She looks a bit like Suchitra Krishnamurty in the second pictures

  4. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the Loubs–uber sexy. But err, ruffles should only be worn by five-year olds.

  5. Wami at | | Reply

    Totally disagree with Herdisnot. The powerful Loubs are a perfect shoe to wear with a flouncy dress to balance the ruffles. The black belt is worn over a dove grey dress, not pink. And the cover up looks like a cropped tuxedo jacket, not a sweater. The perfect way to rock a girly dress and make it edgy. This woman is a style star! She is streets ahead of the pack in the style stakes.

  6. annie at | | Reply

    agree with wami’s comment about the first dress. The black coat perfectly complements the grey dress. But, instead os the pink bag, she should have paired the outfit with the her silver bag. That said, I don’t like the second look at all. The pink dress with overload of flounces is a bit much…along with an overload of undereye concealer.

  7. Miss Singh at | | Reply

    I can’t get past the BAD makeup!

  8. kavitha at | | Reply

    Her eye makeup is awful. she really needs to change her concealer. the pumps are gorgeous.

  9. Saya at | | Reply

    Everything separate looks good–the louboutins, bag and the white dress. Not together. With that pink ruffles,the bad makeup in the last pic–she resembles those candy party attending tiny tweens.

  10. k= at | | Reply

    the grey dress is prettier than the pink just because it doesnt have the ruffles on the side. the pink Chanel seems to have come in from no where.
    the outfits still work just because each of the separate pieces are classics that you just cant go wrong with!

    also: why does she have the same bag in different colors? i personally LOVE Chanel, but this is kinda like buying the notorious Birkin in every color possible!

  11. sania at | | Reply

    I personally,love love ruffles ..it works only for the confident and for slim!both of which she seems to be.I think we are all so used to seeing Indian celebs in fitten clothes showing wayyyyy to much skin….refreshing change…!

  12. Jay at | | Reply

    I agree Sania. If anyone can work a ruffled dress, it’s Ayesha. She just oozes style. She is chic and confident. There is apparently a waiting list for the pink dress in her Dubai store!

  13. fashionista at | | Reply

    i love the way she looks and dresses.. its perfectly mismatched..

  14. pdaervo at | | Reply

    At least I knowwho to steal bags from now…
    I too love ruffles (and flouncy things! FANCIFUL!) but the pink is even a bit much for my tastes. Love the grey though

  15. jazz at | | Reply

    Oh dear! The concealer!

  16. eclat at | | Reply

    The first outfit is really nice- minus the horrid pink bag.

    The second dress would have been so much better if she hadn’t OD-ed on the frills around the neckline- just the at the hem, sleeves and up the side would have lifted the dress into another category. Plus I don’t like the waist gathers- at least the belt hides it in pic 1.

  17. Archana at | | Reply

    I personally love her in the first picture….she looks almost perfect…love the dress, shoes, belt and the tux…she should have given the chanel a miss…wont fault the makeup, think its deliberate
    the second picture, im not liking the metallic chanel with the dress at all, would have preferred a black one

  18. Archana at | | Reply

    but why get the same shoes and bags in different colours?

  19. krish at | | Reply

    love the first dress…..the 2nd one is way too much ruffles…but it suits her…

  20. Nadia at | | Reply

    I love ruffles, they are so girly, cute and chic!

  21. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    This dress reminds me of a ’70s prom dress with all the ruffles!

    I like how she accessorized her gray dress with that black belt and cardigan, and also with the pink purse

  22. Kav at | | Reply

    she does seem to love ruffles and pastel colours….i like the grey dress…its cute and she pulls it off well…the pink needs some editing…she sure likes her CC bags….

  23. GauriS at | | Reply

    Love the first dress!! I WANT! Girl u need to change ur foundation/concealer!

  24. charan at | | Reply

    the lesson we learnt is what bad makeup can do to you…

  25. Wami at | | Reply

    I am really surprised about all the make-up comments! Can noone see that it is how the pictures are taken, and the lighting is affecting the way the make up looks. As a make up artist, it is clear to me that it is the photo, and NOT the make up!

  26. sania at | | Reply

    she is soooo pretty! love both dress,enviable louboutins and chanel !lucky girl!!!!

  27. Marya at | | Reply

    I sooo want to invest in some of her creations. I love the blazer paired with the dress..gorgeous. She looks stunning :)

  28. Sharin at | | Reply

    She did both outfits really well. The grey dress…the pink bag DOES work (sigh just staring at it on chanel’s website right now..) BUT I think something else would work better.. I personally don’t like the pink dress but she works it nicely. Like the metallic bag with it and her hair suits the dress. Under-eye concealer has got to go. @ Wami…makeup shouldn’t just look good in person… it should look good in photos so yes the makeup is horrible! Do these people actually have time to wear the bag for one photo.. hold it nicely for another.. lol like it’s so posey posey

  29. Amanda at | | Reply

    Love the dresses. Very Chanel. They are not tacky ruffles!

  30. Wami at | | Reply

    @Sharin…Actually it depends on who is taking the photo and what the flash setting is. A good photog will have the correct settings, and there will be no flaw in the image. As for posing, clearly these pictures are taken at different points inthe evening. It’s only natural that the bag position would have changed!!

  31. Wami at | | Reply

    And newsflash….when celebs are photographed at events, they are usually asked to pose by the photogs

  32. anamika at | | Reply

    i hate the dress. it’s too barbie ish and candy floss.

  33. kim at | | Reply

    the ruffles make this dress totally hideous

  34. Antonia at | | Reply

    Love her style! It’s very good considering she’s a fashion designer. For some reason a lot of designers don’t look as though they have any sense of style. I don’t know why this is but it’s true – I saw this on Project Runway. LOL

  35. Benny Mitchell at | | Reply

    Great look.

  36. jiji at | | Reply

    i like her but she’s gone a bit far with the ‘touche elcat’ no?

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