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  1. Sej at |

    Call me crazy but I think those Loubs are a complete mismatch with the outfit. The dress says more formal evening out while the Loubs scream ‘party!!!’. Not feeling the combo.

    1. PeachBellini at |


  2. Such at |

    She is lovely and so is the dress and jewellery…but those shoes are shockingly ugly.

  3. girlie at |

    Oh no, those shoes are from “My Party Pink Barbie” Collection! I like the pumps on the other lady.
    The white dress and jewellery look great…so does she.

  4. kitschy gal at |

    what better way to offset a white dress tha with some neon loubs!! hot hot!
    even the jumpsuit’s quite on the trend. she wears it well.

    1. kitschy gal at |

      I just realised, doesn’t that jumpsuit remind u of the zac posen dress that frieda also wore?? the color, fabric, single shoulder style.. its all very reminiscent,no ?

  5. hasina at |

    hmm, it looks like she wore a punjabi without the pants.

  6. pdaervo at |

    LOVE the white dress with those super femme pumps
    I love that this lady actually has a style :)

    1. pdaervo at |

      er…I didn’t mean femme, I mean FEMININE
      Gosh, I need more sleep o_O

  7. shonali at |

    she has a beautiful face and is very well groomed but her sense of style is too conservative, boring and much older than her age.

  8. sania chaudhri at |

    I personally love that she works an elegant dress and a rocking jumpsuit at the same time!Finally we are seeing some REAL style on HHC than bollywood hooker numbers!

    @pdaervo…often agree with your comments on most things!

    1. gaga at |


    2. pdaervo at |

      YAY! :)

      1. charan at |

        meeting soul mates, are we?

  9. monika at |

    She has such a thing for resettes. Even her clutch is not spared. But I do like her in the white dress. & I do not mind the pumps either.

  10. Nisha at |

    I love the hot pink pumps!

  11. gaga at |

    this girl has a lot of style
    love the jumpsuit… and she always gets the shoes and bags right.

  12. megha at |

    i’d never have thought to pair a white dress with hot pink shoes
    and I love fashion that surprises and inspires me to try something new
    and she honestly wears the jumpsuit well – and that’s hard! I’ve tried. Hehe

  13. Fashionluvver at |

    I ADORE the jumpsuit! Its fabulous and does not look “jumpsuity” at all..if you know what I mean!

  14. navs at |

    Did anybody feel that the construction of the white dress is a little sloppy.?.I do like the look though!

  15. charan at |

    I like that she has a style but she needs to upgrade her makeup…

  16. Kiwi at |

    Love both the looks-she is so pretty and feminine and always, always well groomed

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