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  1. NFashionB at | | Reply

    She is looking good…. and her sweater- dress is very much common ,nothing special.
    Its just color working on her face.

  2. msmeow at | | Reply

    She wore this really well. That’s the way to do tights. Loving it!

    1. KK at | | Reply

      I know right. She looks really good!
      Love the whole outfit!

  3. maya at | | Reply

    don’t mean to offend but her boyfriend’s mami looks cooler, fresher and younger than her…

  4. Stuti at | | Reply

    She’s so pretty! That’s it, she looks nice. :D

  5. ashima at | | Reply

    superhot. period.

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    HA! Now that it’s winter I own the tights with black pumps look. I feel like the dress is too bulky for her, and the shape of her hair doesn’t help her silhouette
    still a pretty girl

    1. KS at | | Reply

      @pdaervo i think it is the first time i wont agree with your comment.I think the shape of her hair is helping her by taking the attention off the chest which otherwise may make her look heavier. and the head part elongates her overall look.
      That was a smart move on her part i think.

      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        well, to me the hair gives her a triagular shape, with the little pouf as the tip

  7. monika at | | Reply

    nice look

  8. Viz at | | Reply

    So not red hot! There is something wrong… What is it?? Don’t know but something is. Just not feeling it. I actually went ewwww when I saw her pic.

    1. kish at | | Reply

      so did i =S i just cannot pin point what’s wrong with this look but i know that something’s off =S it just does not work for me. maybe it’s the stockings/ tights.

      1. Violet at | | Reply

        Me too…for me the whole look seems off.

  9. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

    she requires the elongation…and lean-ification.
    chic outfit.

  10. Laveena at | | Reply

    Yeah but in this case the tights and the pump make her look stalky and do no justice to her.

  11. Antonia at | | Reply

    I really love Avantika’s style & this look is now one of my faves!!
    Red looks amazing on her & her accessories are divine!!

  12. ID at | | Reply

    the black leggings and pumps combo does the trick for her…otherwise just the red dress could have made her looked like santa’s gift sack!

  13. anu141 at | | Reply

    Overall I LOVE her look… she looks effortlessly chic;
    I just wish the dress fit her a bit better ( it seems weirdly bunched around the bust & waist area) & that the color of her dress didn’t match the carpet so much.

  14. anita at | | Reply

    think that her eyebrows need to be a bit more defined.

  15. spongy at | | Reply

    i like her…shes lil plumpish n looks so cute n reminds me so strongly of one shilpa shaklani the tv actress….

    1. Saira at | | Reply

      Omg, I totally agree, she is the spitting image of Shilpa. I love the black tights look with dresses, but not to keen on this, red dresses look tacky to me.

  16. Enne at | | Reply

    this is a cute outfit but not for a premiere! I wore almost this exact outfit to the office this week!

    1. neetu singh at | | Reply

      totallyyyy my thoughts..i wore it while shopping last weekend…:p

  17. for hhc at | | Reply

    Wonder why Indians in India following US seasonal fashion?!
    Would Americans be so stupid? They on the other hand just wait to get into cottons and flip flops …

    1. anita at | | Reply

      but darling, it is winter in India too now!! If you are wondering why they dress for the temperatures in US, then I agree with you:-)

    2. purple at | | Reply

      Effectively she’s just wearing stockings. People have been wearing stockings for ages… it’s not _only_ US seasonal fashion.

    3. Saya at | | Reply

      Yeah, makes me wonder too. Maybe Delhi sees a bit of winter but Mumbai?

      1. shriya at | | Reply

        i don’t know what there is too wonder about. there’s air conditioning everywhere in mumbai so it’s ok to wear tights. plus i’ve seen plenty of girls wearing tiny dresses with no tights in freezing weather in the US just because it looks ‘cool’. that’s not exactly season appropriate dressing.

      2. KS at | | Reply

        Not bit of Winter, Delhi sees a whole lot of winter and it is bad!

        1. Saya at | | Reply

          Well, for me winter is minus temp, blizzards and a whole lot of snow. Its nothing like that in Delhi. So the *bit* part!!!

          1. KS at |

            :) okayyy!

      3. neetu singh at | | Reply

        seriously..me too..sweater dress in mumbai that too at a premiere..

    4. preetidutta at | | Reply

      it also depends on person …i mean I almost wear thin sweaters all through the year in bangalore , coz i have to sit in AC whole day !! and I have beeb\n doing tights and dress look for 2 years now for ofc …nothing new ..

      she looks good though

  18. Carol at | | Reply

    Is it winter time in Mumbai? Why the heavy tights? The dress makes her look boxy. I think there are better silhouettes for her body type.

  19. funnybone at | | Reply

    omg shes wearing a red carpet!!!!!!

  20. Sudha at | | Reply

    THIS is a good look?!! She looks like Santa’s helper.

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