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  1. jasmina at | | Reply

    she should be walking the international ramp, she has a good height and an interesting face .

  2. Harry at | | Reply

    i like the fact that she is dressed like a regular person and not a diva who knows that she will be clicked outside the airport. It’s so easy on the eyes. The lady sure has taste. I just hope she doesn’t get corrupted by Bollywood sense of fashion and go OTT.

  3. Venus at | | Reply

    She should be a model

  4. Dits at | | Reply

    Finally , some one who dresses up like normal people do.

    Looks good !

  5. U at | | Reply

    Pretty Girl. Nice easy breezy style

  6. Praneeta at | | Reply

    Wooooh ! That’s a tall woman…. She has dressed perfectly alright for a flight … Young ,normal , refreshing

  7. Sheetal at | | Reply

    I think she is dressed just right ! At least she is not wearing boots or something OTT

  8. Kash at | | Reply

    How long are her legs?? She could be a supermodel.

  9. sm at | | Reply

    Love it. This is being casual. Not Kangana who carefully curates a look to appear casual.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      +1 Or Deepika who wears knee length boots in hot summer or Sonam who tries too hard to just look casual and ends up looking comical.

  10. Thea at | | Reply

    She looks so super model-ish. Long limbs, interesting face, attitude. Though I wonder if she will succeed in Bollywood.

    1. DramaMama at | | Reply

      I know. She’s really interesting looking. But Bollywood is different, right?

    2. dee at | | Reply

      my thoughts as well. Interesting to see how bollywood will treat her, but gosh she is beautiful model material!

  11. Archana at | | Reply

    She reminds me of Diana Penty, in a good way!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I thought it was Diana ! Athiya should forget films and be a model. She has the figure for it. And she is dressed just right for a flight in my opinion.

  12. Dj at | | Reply

    Wow, she is beautiful

  13. Asha at | | Reply

    And this is how you do travel casual! I think she looks naturally lovely without all the Photoshop rubbish (looking at you Harper’s!!)

  14. T at | | Reply

    Perfect. I love her look.

  15. ann at | | Reply

    woah! i wish she weren’t becoming a bolly actress. She has the looks of an international model.

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