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  1. prep-y at | | Reply

    Athiya is so classy and elegant! She dresses just right without overdoing any look!

  2. RT at | | Reply

    Love the skirt look! She looks fabulous and at ease. Wish sweatshirt look was worn minus the boots.

  3. Elise at | | Reply

    Athiya is classy, elegant and chic… always!!!

  4. slc at | | Reply

    She looks good.

  5. jigna at | | Reply

    she looks very classy but the boots need to be booted out.

  6. Tata at | | Reply

    she looks fab…so hot…should be walking the ramp milan or paris and ditch bollywood…only she makes sense in black boots for an airport look…so well put together

  7. monika at | | Reply

    Agree about the brown belt & dont like how high the boots are.

  8. Nene at | | Reply

    She’s learned how to smile/pose well for the cameras :)

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