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  1. Xyz at | | Reply

    Just goes to show how great clothes without a great personality are a no show! This girl should realise her aptitude and be an editorial model instead.

    1. trupsster at | | Reply

      I agree! She usually is well turned out, but she seems like she’s trying hard at being effortless, and her poses and expressions are such a snooze fest and don’t bode well for the message that the dress is carrying. No idea how she became an actor! She should stick to the magazines!

  2. Parul at | | Reply

    She killed the beautiful gown with that uber-ugly hairdo. Those earrings should go too. Subtle gold studs would have made a lot of difference here.

  3. Janine at | | Reply

    Love at first sight! Athiya’s best red carpet look til date. Did Ami Patel style her? I hope she’s bringing in some good looks for Priyanka Chopra as well.

  4. MA at | | Reply

    this look is definitely princess leia inspired

    1. sefora at | | Reply


  5. Ahot at | | Reply

    Meh, love the idea but the silhouette does nothing for Athiya´s body shape. & they should have tailored the lengh accordingly, as white isn´t a forgiving color in tailored stuff.

  6. AAisha at | | Reply

    I like this look alot but i wish it was saved for a red carpet so we could see the train better. Also please get rid of that cuff.

  7. jess r at | | Reply

    I guess I am in the minority here. I don’t like the gown one bit. The gold polyester cape looks cheap. Her posing like a scared kitten doesn’t help either.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Cant stop laughing at the scared kitten comment. Now that you mentioned it and with the hair like that, so apt. :D

    2. SS at | | Reply


    3. Asha at | | Reply

      haha true esp the last pic :-) awww kitty kitty kitty!!

  8. Avani at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the gown but it does work on her. Her hairdo is clownish. She does look like one of those Egyptian Pharaohs.

    1. Melange at | | Reply


  9. Kirsa at | | Reply

    Lovely gown brought down by the ugly hairdo. Naah not working. She should have saved it for the red carpet

  10. from-chitown at | | Reply

    That gown is beautiful. I wish someone with a bit more personality and panache had worn it. That hair is an eye sore.

  11. Borrowed inspiration at | | Reply

    Inspired by Princess Leia may be? ;)

  12. SN at | | Reply

    I totally relate to the Egyptian Pharoahs comment ;) change the demeanor of the girl and the dress would shine through!

  13. Ranij at | | Reply

    Gown is not bad but it’s the hair that is not working for this look. Updo yes but this is too childish for this gown

  14. begumbrown at | | Reply

    I totally dislike the gold train. Brings down the dress by several notches. Like the others pointed out, her lack luster personality is not helping other. Lacks oomph.

  15. blahbum at | | Reply

    saw a video of her walking on the ramp.. she looked super awkward

  16. Vrinda at | | Reply

    So Princess Leia- gown very pretty! Hair ?!

  17. NuGo at | | Reply

    Please take a cue from Kate Middleton on the two-hands folded pose and overall sense of how to rock your body language.

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