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  1. gaga at | | Reply

    nice color

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    Something about Asin makes most outfits fall flat. She doesn’t have the face to pick up an outfit and really work it. Her posture lacks that oomph factor and confidence to carry off a gown like this.

    1. Ruchi at | | Reply


  3. Pree at | | Reply

    Asin looks super cute in that picture and the color of the dress is awesome!! The embellishment on both the dresses are eww..I don’t find anything wrong about the hair though….

  4. beans at | | Reply

    @HHC: should it not read screening of “London Dreams” instead of “London Premiere”?

    Is Asin wearing flat sandals.. From what little I can see of it, it looks horrendous.. And, for some strange reason, she looks huge here…

  5. beans at | | Reply

    and oh, i prefer the designer’s version to Asin’s – style, embellishment, length, everything..

  6. s at | | Reply

    the dress is too unflattering on asin’s body. the color is good though.

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I just want these “traditionally demure” ladies to square their shoulders and hold their heads’ up…what a difference that would make!
    Also Asin, show your teeth! You have, like, the PRETTIEST SMILE. LET IT OUT!

  8. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    That chutney green is so bad.

  9. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I love, this coulour, everything is forgiven. Asin has a lovely face

  10. Kiwi at | | Reply

    P & P, please feature all stars who were in Delhi for a marriage

    1. kavya at | | Reply

      you mean wedding, no?

  11. max at | | Reply

    Color looks great on her. And she carries off the dress well, a far cry from her former appearances.

  12. SS at | | Reply

    Asin looks like an ‘aunty’ or ‘behenji’….nothing really suits her….Im sorry ..I know Im being harsh..but just how it is….

    1. charan at | | Reply

      Oh “THE BEHENJI” comment again… yawn!
      How and when did we fall under so much pressure to look good in western clothes??
      Personally, i didnt start wearing jeans and the so called western outfits until i was done schooling. It was just not the way of life. Lot of us are not built for western clothes… what is soooo wrong about that?? I dont think fashion just encompasses western wear. Sorry, but this is just a “not understanding why it is how it is”, prejudice comment. Sorry, but i come across this comment many a times on this website and it baffles me everytime.

      Asin is does not ooze out confidence, but otherwise, she looks nice and pretty.
      To all the behenjis within us – Bring it on!

      1. Bharati at | | Reply

        @charan, well said

        also add “aunty” comments to the list, and we are the ones who complain that older and married women don’t get their due in the film/entertainment business

      2. SS at | | Reply

        Looks like ‘behenj’ is being read here as ‘she wears indian clothes and looks bad in western so shame on her’…to clarify …behenji here was meant badly! :) like …those women who NEVER look good..it doesnt matter what they wear…not women who look great in indian wear but not in western..prime example here is Rekha……she is mad pretty and ..doesnt have a body to wear western clothes..has never ever worn western clothes even when she was probably Asin’s age?…Yet.noone could have ever called her a ‘behenji ( in a bad way again :) ) EVER…never ever….now you get my point? I have nothing againt indian wear..nor am I predujiced twds western wear…I just have a liking twds ppl who look good no matter what they wear…and Asin..is the exact opposite.

        1. akaa at | | Reply

          So so true SS … totally agree with you on that!!
          And there are so many of the Bollywood brigade who’d fall into that category!!

          1. charan at |

            Ahhh… now i get your point.
            I think to be interesting, one has to know oneself and not just wear any designer dress that anyone sponsors. Thats exactly why we dont have so many trend setting people.

  13. sv at | | Reply

    wish asin could so something abt her hair.she looks so lovely otherwise.And she always has this tight lipped smile,wonder why!

  14. Pamela at | | Reply

    Does anyone else think it’s unethical for a designer to give/sell a gown to a celebrity and then be seen wearing the same thing themselves.You’ll never see this happening in the West.Looks like a lot of female designers design clothes so they can fill their own wardrobe as well.They’re not being their own muse,just filling their own wardrobe.

  15. meria at | | Reply

    Beautiful ASIN

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