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  1. Padma at | | Reply

    She is looking amazing…and frankly, I didnt even think about Sonam’s look…Sonam is really good, but let’s not put her on a pedestal. :)

    1. Lola at | | Reply

      Well stated. I much prefer Asin’s look.

  2. monika at | | Reply

    love the dress & the way it’s accessorised…….lovely

  3. debbie at | | Reply

    Asin has me drooling in the last few weeks…always thought she was a beauty but with really bad taste in clothes…she sure has re-invented herself and how…lost the flab and got a brand new wardrobe…loving her look way more than Sonam’s!

    1. green chilli at | | Reply

      She was hardly ‘flabby’ before!

  4. Anu at | | Reply

    Awww…come now…dont steal her thunder! She looks great here!

  5. shweta at | | Reply

    ASIN is STUNNING! What features my god! Colour is great on her! Forget sonam, Asin rocked this! Lurveee!

  6. Jaya at | | Reply

    Asin seems to have lost oodles of weight and is looking ravishing! She has been making a lot of appearance lately looking glamorous and chic ! Her stylist is doing a great job!!

  7. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    She’s really found her mojo! Of late her outfits, hair and makeup have been brilliant.

  8. Clueless Snr. at | | Reply

    In a face off, Asin would win hands down! She looks fab!

  9. RB at | | Reply

    Asin is looking lovely, Guess the stylist is to thank for the rubbish poses too? I hope she doesn’t follow Sonam’s suit with the concave, winged arms look or whatever that is.

  10. Zee at | | Reply

    How does Sonam deserve ‘stylist’ and fashionista’ tags if she employs a professional’s help to make her look good and pick her clothes??
    In this manner, I am way more stylist than Sonam Kapoor, I pick all my clothes, pay for them and look amazing wearing them ;-)
    I agree with Victoria Beckham in this subject matter, who said where is the fun in letting someone else choose your clothes for you?
    BTW, Asin looks good here. Then again most ladies would look good if someone carefully arranges outfits for them, professional hair and makeup artists do their part, and designer boutiques lend you their expensive frocks for the evening, le sigh!

    1. Zina at | | Reply

      I totally agree with you!

  11. Orchee at | | Reply

    Well, to be honest, it seems a bit short sighted of the stylist to style Asin in a almost identical look to her other client so soon. It will obviously draw comparisons.
    I think she upped the look here, the accessories really work.

    Ms Ghavri has been styling a few Bollywood stars lately, but it seems that it is Sonam that gets the really remarkable pieces (I’m talking the JPG couture, Victoria Beckham, Chanel) A little favouritism at play?

  12. RT at | | Reply

    Is it just me or is she channeling Kim Kardashian? Regardless, the coral-gold pairing is gorg!

  13. shweta at | | Reply


  14. Aparna Raman at | | Reply

    My jaws dropped and hit the floor!

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