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  1. S at | | Reply

    The suit is garish to say the least.

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Yuck..not only the make up, the color of the suit is so horrible, way too bright.

  3. priya at | | Reply

    that suit is an eyesore…cannot believe you “love” it.

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    2. neha at | | Reply

      thats a tacky outfit. she looks so barbie like ( not in a good way), the hair extensions and all that pink with shiny silver sandals…ugh

  4. Ena at | | Reply

    Not a good look on her. Between the colours and the hair/make-up it like a bad 80s movie.
    No no.

  5. Kind at | | Reply

    The fit at the bust is off.

  6. fashionvictim at | | Reply

    Eew, hate the suit! P&P, what did you love about the suit??? Why is she always trying to portray the i-am-so-sweet look? The color is horrible and as for her makeup, she always have so much on! Esp in Housefull2 (sorry, I know this is unrelated to the pic but I need to vent!). Her make up there was just so bloody thick it was disgusting! Anyways, she looks too plastic for me!

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  7. lazy at | | Reply

    All actresses wear makeup that’s at least two shades lighter. It looks great in some lights but in some flashes the greyish tone is super obvious.

  8. Shaila at | | Reply

    I think she’s dressing in character. It’s a horrible suit!

  9. Eroshi at | | Reply

    its a B.L.O.C.K. letter Y.U.C.K. to me….

  10. Sana at | | Reply

    Horrible color combination of the suit!! Its such an eyesore….orange n pink is a color combo that i feel very few can carry off well..but for asin it certainly does not work!!

  11. Ohwe at | | Reply

    Really terrible suit

  12. mona at | | Reply

    YUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! look at those sandals , those colors n tht horrible makeup ….. i dont think these pics deserve any place on a fashion blog …

  13. Wardha at | | Reply

    Guys, it’s an outfit fr stage. Hence the bright colors, she chose color instead of goin the regular crystal glitter shimmer stage costume look. Plus these pics r bad lighting, there r other better pics of the sameeee event n Mkup n outfit on d net where she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!

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