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  1. Pri at | | Reply

    LOVE Asin’s lehenga!

  2. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Wow, such vibrant colors Asin is wearing. She has been looking very gorgeous recently with the well toned body and beautiful outfits.

    1. aparna at | | Reply

      exactly my thoughts. she’s killing it these days!

    2. arpitha d at | | Reply

      yaa she is on a roll, love her outfits and hairstyles.

  3. tina at | | Reply

    They’re both hideous outfits. Amrita’s looks dull and drab while Asin looks like she can burn your eyes if you look at her without sunglasses.

    1. Bertie at | | Reply

      haha!! had a good laugh :) Asin looks good neck up though! She’s glowing

    2. Trisha at | | Reply

      You are so wrong! Indian clothes are famed for their vibrance and unashamed use of color…this is Indian festive wear at its best…

  4. fashionfever at | | Reply

    O….Asin is my new girl crush.

  5. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Love the colours on Asin. In the shop i would have thought, these colours would stop traffic.. the choli is almost neon. But on Asin, they look FABULOUS ! Love the silhouette. Makes her look like a doll !

  6. Starpeople at | | Reply

    Love Asin’s lehenga. I love Nikasha. My wedding dress was exactly this, though in different colours, with a matte gold sequinned skirt, and a scarlet blouse and dupatta. SO excited to see this here!!

  7. Varsha at | | Reply

    WOW! I can’t get over how stunning Asin’s looking here! Absolutely drool worthy lehenga!! The colours are gorgeous and her hairs perfect.. Stunning!

  8. Anuja at | | Reply

    Asin looks stunning! She’s been on such a roll! LOVE!!

  9. rina at | | Reply

    Asin’s outfit is too bright but she is carrying it off well. Looking nice. Amrita could do so much better

  10. M at | | Reply

    the lehenga in Amrita’s ensemble is actually quite gorgeous…the colours are divine..it just needs to be paired with a better choli and dupatta…

  11. shilpi at | | Reply

    Asin has that old world charm absolutely love this

  12. Wardha at | | Reply

    Love Asin! Such young fun colours! Very appropriate fr a sangeet wit frends n dancing! She’s stunning! On d other hand hatee amritas curtain drapes.

  13. Aparna Raman at | | Reply

    Asin has been having a great run these days!! How gorgeous does she look!!? I loved the dupatta and the colors!!

  14. teesha at | | Reply

    asin is a beauuuuuutiful girl! LOVEEEE HER LOOK! Such a doll!

  15. sonali at | | Reply

    Just loving ASin…..so beautiful.

  16. jo at | | Reply

    Suddenly seeing lot of interesting hairstyles than the usual. That’s a good change happening.

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