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  1. Hema at | | Reply

    Like the shoes, like the hair, makeup….but the dress is a WTHeyyy. Makes her look like a pakoda. Very unflattering on her curvy shape.

    1. SumiLove at | | Reply

      Hahhahha…pakoda… love it!

      1. Sophie at | | Reply

        It’s a horrible dress

  2. suchi at | | Reply

    what a beautiful face!

    1. mj15 at | | Reply

      true that….gorgeous face..a real beauty

      1. mary at | | Reply


  3. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    Nah she still looks meh.

    1. Purva at | | Reply


  4. Tina at | | Reply

    I disagree. She looks gorgeous and the dress suits her. The fringe seems fine to me. Not tacky at all.

  5. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Badly needs some haircut…
    Dress if wid good fitting ,little shorter version ,minus belt would look rocking

  6. surily at | | Reply

    She looks sooooo elegant what ever she wears never looks trashy.pure indian women

  7. Rezia at | | Reply

    I actually like the dress. It’s not too bad. It’s amazing how awesome hair, makeup and shoes (especially shoes) can elevate an other wise ‘meh’ outfit.

  8. Anu at | | Reply

    Aint cutting it for me. Potato sac look.

  9. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Disagree. I’m all for a nice 1920’s fringe, but that is one ugly dress.

  10. Nalini at | | Reply

    That lip color looks amazing on her! I usually hate dark lip color but she does it right. Imagine how awesome she would have looked if she chose to wear a simple, well-fitted dress.

  11. pettyfogger at | | Reply

    The dress is just ugly. It would have been a WTHeyy if not for the face. Totally not liking the lip colour on her.

  12. Maze at | | Reply

    The dress is bad in the middle, and why does she have her hair over the shoulder detail again.

  13. uumema at | | Reply

    love her face, hairs and red lips!

  14. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    Her face looks gorgeous!! I’m loving the lip colour on her.And her hair too. But the dress just makes the look fall flat….very unflattering.

  15. mohini at | | Reply

    the hair and make up makes it work.

  16. Kiwi at | | Reply

    stunning face.. nice shoes.. have seen better fringe dresses from mango, FCUK, PROMOD

  17. meria at | | Reply

    she is my fav star n ijust luv her.she looks nice in wateva she wears.don’t mind how bad the dress is

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