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  1. Blue Topaz at | | Reply

    Do you know that the gown is embellished with thousands of round safety pins that are used as hooks for interlacing referring victorian corsetry??!! It’s a very ingenious way of making a gown that looks beaded but has only safety pins!!!!

  2. Latha at | | Reply

    Agree! Jacqueline looks way more graceful than Ashley.

  3. mesta at | | Reply

    I’ve noticed, P&P, that you have a sort of skewed perception of grace and elegance- Anyone with a modest sense of dressing is elegant and is labelled “not your cup of tea” if the boobs are on display. I dont mean to justify every skin show but ashley here looks absolutely elegant.
    As two women with so much influence in terms of fashion I would’ve expected you to rise above “socially acceptable” norms

  4. annie at | | Reply

    The gown is very ugly and looks cheaply made by the local tailor…and probably designed by the tailor as well.
    The keyhole looks better on jacqueline, but other than that they should both have given this gown a PASS!

    1. Blue Topaz at | | Reply

      Whoa..whoa..there is no reason to get so personal and call a designer’s work cheap. There is nothing new about this country expressing vitriolic jibe about talents who cross borders and achieve international fame..Aishwarya bore the brunt, Frieda went through the same..and there are many others..instead of we being happy about how Indians are getting international recognition, we love to tarnish their image! You must understand if the world is appreciating a designer’s designs, this must be no mean feat!

  5. 13whateva at | | Reply

    I agree with Annie

  6. eclat at | | Reply

    P & P, Why this tendency to use twee euphemisms when it comes to the word Breast every time- twins, girls, ladybits? We all have breasts, some men too! This isnt a “feminist” forum, but so much slut-shaming goes on here especially with certain actresses- slutty, tacky, cheap. It may not be obvious, but this coy attitude manifests as shame and inferiority in our dealings with men, and it only harms us.

    1. Ash at | | Reply

      Well said eclat

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