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  1. Nida at | | Reply

    If it’s too flashy against a plain black maxi, what should it be paired with? I ask that out of genuine curiosity, not in a condescending tone :)

  2. keya at | | Reply

    well wait, was “Kambakhht Ishq” a success???!!?

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    looks ok but needs some makeup

    1. Ellen at | | Reply

      it seems like she need to brush her face off some times, does she ever wear a make up or lip gloss, she looks dead with out the make up.

  4. Megha at | | Reply

    it is a bit flashy….but i kinda like it anyway

  5. AM at | | Reply

    actually I like it that this girl never wears make up.

  6. Arti at | | Reply

    I think it looks perfect

  7. K at | | Reply

    *shakes head*
    a little makeup and styling of hair won’t hurt you, sweetie.

  8. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    ummm….while i don’t think this purse is really that flashy (the shine factor might also be due to the photography, because even the black dress looks kinda washed out), but the purse in general is really not that striking.

    her whole look is pretty blah to me. and she needs to work on her attitude and facial expressions. it looks like if she tried, then she can develop some resemblance of oomph. but like this, with the brands and no grooming, she just looks plain out of place. sorry i come across as harsh and am taking the risk of not being approved (*bites nails*).

  9. Bsimple at | | Reply

    for once, she looks fine…she needs makeup!!!

  10. preeths at | | Reply

    i wish she would embrace her natural hair instead of this poker straight look she has on.. all the time.

    the maxi is so boring and uninspiring and is that some serious innerwear showing?

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I disagree, black and gold is fierce, and I don’t think it’s flashy at all with her black maxi jersey dress
    the cut of which is very flatteirng on her

  12. Anu at | | Reply

    I agree 100% with Peach bellini…there must be sth about the way you carry your clothes or look…she looks very dull or maybe she just doesn’t photograph well…I see some serious innerwear showing…and I also see a lot of armpit bulge…I know that its normal to have armpit bulge, but if you go for a maxi with sleeves, you could still look elegant…

  13. niyanta at | | Reply

    arpitas hair is poker straight naturally…. she is allergic to cosmetic products and so cannot wear makeup!!

  14. spur at | | Reply

    i agree pdaevro.. black and gold is fierce..
    some makeup and hairstyling (and a better photographer) and the lassie’s good to go.

  15. debs at | | Reply

    bit of lipgloss perhaps???

  16. jaja at | | Reply

    i think its nice to see such a young girl (maybe she is not so young, but she looks young) without make-up and dressed-up. (maybe the clutch is not too shiny but too big for her.not in my opinion, i like it.)

  17. me at | | Reply

    Arpita needs to be introduced to foundation-consealer-powder-blush- mscara and a shower now and then, her skin always looks oily, dirty and ashy

  18. priyanka at | | Reply

    cool.. but why does she have that Rudaali face…

  19. Pri at | | Reply

    Yes makeup would help

  20. sara at | | Reply

    @me – uuuh what exactly is ‘dirty’ about her face?

  21. jaja at | | Reply

    @me: i hope you don’t feel dirty without foundation-consealer-powder-blush- mscara on your face. and if so, you probably feel dirty with all of it too. remember: you are not dirty!

  22. K at | | Reply

    LOL @ jaja

  23. Antonia at | | Reply

    I like the dress & I like that her hair is half up half down. That bag is nothing special.

  24. NFashionB at | | Reply

    The innocent girl is not into any fashion race or making any statement here.
    Thats what her looks say.She looks like a kid.
    nothing is right -length of dress,hoop-…makeup less face

    But i liked her gold clutch .Black is the perf.ect canvas to add any tone or color.Gold and black accentuate each other and in her all simple looks ,she needed something to pop and thats her cutch.

    I dont think gold clutch looks better with anythng else than plain black.or anything in color-red,blue, or multicolor would have looked better here

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