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  1. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Like Shamita the best-dress, shoes, clutch. Shewat’s outfit is perfect for lounging around in the house,not for a screening!!Arpita looks ghastly. Too much mirrorwork on Shibani’s ghagra/skirt and bag–does not work for me.

  2. Mr.Choo... at | | Reply

    wELL I MUST SAY this color is quite nice and yes yes maybe over done this season , but its just so lovely…reminds me of my painting toe nails phase when i was a little 7 yr ole boy..well only difference i did them with my art class sketch pens..WELL COMING BACK TO OUR LADIES …i love shveta salve’s look >>very relaxed and easy ..boy oes she have a cute butt !! hope my bf doesnt read this comment..lol..she fits ur funky lok for sure ..for the chic i give it to >>shamita..love her hair and oufit ..And ofcourse the ghastly goes to ..lets have the drum roll pls…SHIBANI …where do i start ..the belt ,the bag ,the makup n hair…aaaarrgghh nd arpita dearly..take some tips from the women in ur family..like malaika,seema khan,katrina,amrita…..BTW isnt shveta’s bag the new TOD’s spring summer bag !! P/P just check it na !! quite sure it is !!

    1. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply

      Mr. Choo,
      Yep, looks like a Pashmy..

  3. nalini at | | Reply

    that hearts hoodie is super cute!

  4. aishwarya at | | Reply

    yup u r rite dis ladies hav covered it all
    blue on shevtha s luking realy chic bt dat blue skirt on shibani s ghastly………

  5. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i don’t get it, you loved this color when neelam wore it, but now just because they are starlets/not so successful at whatever they are doing, it becomes an overdone color? come on. i mean, it’s one thing to not like their outfits, but don’t go on about the color, only to rave about neelam in the next post.

  6. Antonia at | | Reply

    I think Arpita looks great. Love everything about her outfit.
    The others are nothing special.

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