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  1. monika at | | Reply

    Oh this is a total disaster. At least she could have worn some bangles to lessen the damage.

  2. Ashi at | | Reply

    some makeup please..its the wedding!

  3. Surbhi at | | Reply

    but u know.. i kinda like it.. i think Deepika spoilt it with that fur.. but yes, some bangles would have helped..

  4. fatmah at | | Reply

    no way….

  5. ambi at | | Reply

    she’s just a kid. let’s cut her some slack. i cringe when i remember the hideous outfits i wore when i was a younger.

  6. Pooja at | | Reply

    Btw she might look alot younger but shes actually in her twenties, sumwhr close to deepika padokone and sonam kapoor who are just 22-23 and even arpita is around 20/21…so hw does it make her a kid and why cut her the slack when the other young girls are scrutinised on every occasion?!?!..

  7. bubs at | | Reply

    Oh my god I can’t believe shes in her 20’s she looks about 12!! Well in that case she def. needed some makeup and a good hairdo in order to carry off this dress. Its not suiting her at all, the way shes worn it.

  8. rubywoo at | | Reply

    wrong on so many levels and no won’t cut her any slack – she is a society chick with all the trappings that go with it – and she is hardly a child.

  9. Nepali at | | Reply

    Yeah, could have dabbed some lip gloss, but I think some people are not into or used to make up much like myself. I seldom put any makeup, and on those few ocassions where I have mascara on, I forget and rub my eyes. I guess time to change, getting old now. hehe

  10. kim at | | Reply

    i think deepika comes off worse in this comparison. the pink is too barbie-ish and the fur is a faux pas. plus deepika is at a very public and international event. it’s ok to mess up at a friend’s personal event esp if one isn’t a celeb.

  11. ena at | | Reply

    Oh no! It’s all wrong wrong wrong!

  12. Missy at | | Reply

    @ bubs

    I think you didn’t go beyond the face… look at her boobs…that told me she absolutely isn’t 12 :P

    and yes, that’s one hideous dress.

  13. chinky at | | Reply

    why does she have her henna up to her elbows?
    the outfit is bad period!

  14. U at | | Reply

    I stll think we need to cut her some slack because even though she’s from a filmy family she isn’t from the film industry. She never chose the glamour route so why should we expect her to do even make an effort. Heck, we’ve seen her enough to know she’s not interested in dressing up so why should we go haw haey every single time we see her.

    And deepika still looks the weirder one. Her proportions look so off.

  15. kismet at | | Reply

    it looks okay on arpita, its not over the top, just like a bridesmade dress that a “little girl” would wear! Much better than deepika.

  16. dn at | | Reply

    Compared to Deepika’s, this is a step up, but no one in their double digits should wear tutu-type clothes unless it is for a dance costume.

  17. ITgal at | | Reply

    Sometimes a pretty face saves a terrible outfit. This is so weird, she bothered to wear jewellery and a grand dress but she didn’t even bother to put on minimal makeup or do her hair?

  18. redto at | | Reply

    It looks nice on Arpita.

  19. zee at | | Reply

    She wears the outfit way better than Deepika (that hideous fur!)

  20. malini at | | Reply

    Arpita is not a kid.. she is atleast 20 yrs old… she just look lot younger… time to try some makeup

  21. malini at | | Reply

    side note: also arpita is enrolled in some fashion school in london. she is future designer.. lol.. be ready girls.. LOL

  22. Nivi at | | Reply

    i think the dress looks way better than deepika’s but it is not great at all..i think its because the bodice (watever) goes down till half of the butt instead of stopping at the waist..if the embroidered part of the dress was till the waist and then the flowy white material would have started from there then she would have looked like cinderella..a true princess..bt that alone would not suffice. she needs to use makeup. she needs it. btw she is not keen on acting bt apparantly is studying/wants to study fashion designing..so we can’t expect this from her at all!

  23. anita at | | Reply

    something’s off about this wedding.. everyone has henna upto their elbows, and if you made them all line up, you wouldnt be able to tell Amrita was the bride. In addition, they have henna but are not wearing bangles which just makes it look like they have a skin problem. :-( I like traditional to be done the way it should be.. Perhaps I am not fashionable enough??

  24. cOCOnUT at | | Reply

    oh come on…she can afford to wear clothes like that, but not wear ANY makeup? I’m not talking about alot, just some foundation and lip gloss

    It looks kinda weird with here wearing such a beautiful dress and her hair and face so blah!

  25. cOCOnUT at | | Reply

    haha those guys in the back look so happy to see her!

  26. soni at | | Reply

    i feel sorry for arpita…i feel like most pics shes not posing right like they catch her off guard….dress isn’t that bad

  27. pinkster at | | Reply

    The dress on the right is also a Tahiliani.

  28. Ashi at | | Reply

    Compared to Arpita, Deepika’s dress looked awesome LOL

  29. pitu at | | Reply

    Hideous dress. She is a regular at a salon my cousin goes to. A more snooty female you’d be hard pressed to find. She was all attitude so no I won’t cut her any slack either. And like others before have said, she is in her 20s! If she’s old enough to get her hair done, she’s old enough to put on a dab of lipgloss :-p

  30. Fatima at | | Reply

    i don’t care for that thing one bit!

    @missy lol! haha
    as for arpita, i agree she aint a kid, she’s my age, and theres no way i will attend a function with NO make-up, even lipgloss would suffice but never no make-up!

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