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  1. KJ at | | Reply

    Whoa! She looks like a million bucks. Lovely!

  2. colormenot at | | Reply

    she looks wonderful.. she works this outfit!!

  3. Paroma at | | Reply

    Fantastic as usual. She has such an innate sense of style!

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      So dreamy, delicate and lovely she looks! Love her hairdo.

  4. Fashion bunny at | | Reply

    Love it . Anushka has such natural style and carries most clothes so well . She’s not given enough credit imo .

  5. red at | | Reply

    comfort over style for her always…. shes a cool natural easy breeze all the time ! :)

  6. Sanjh at | | Reply

    Duh!! the pants are copied from Zac Posen…what a bummer!!

  7. Parul at | | Reply

    But she does look washed out!?

  8. Himani at | | Reply

    She hs height plus oodles of charm to make evn dis slouchy outfit work in her favour!

  9. Pinky20 at | | Reply

    Lovely. Love the makeup. She’s gliding like a Swan in that outfit.

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      “Gliding like a Swan” – Perfectly described.

  10. Avani at | | Reply

    Fabulous like always. So charming she is. Amidst the sea of wannabes, she sure is a sight for sore eyes particularly her poise.

  11. Hansini at | | Reply

    I don’t like the outfit, but she is true to herself. So chilled and confident.

  12. Plumsarepurple at | | Reply

    Not only does she look washed out, but that outfit does absolutely nothing to enhance her figure. It makes her look more lanky than she actually is. Also not helping here is her perennially bad posture……

    While i admire her casual easy breezy style; but this outing is just lacklustre.

  13. nsns at | | Reply

    Love the make up ! She looks fresh and tanned.

  14. Fashion4pas at | | Reply

    Too baggy for me – top and bottom. Greeting a pyjama vibe.

  15. Asha at | | Reply

    Whoa she looks really easy on the eyes <3

  16. from-chitown at | | Reply

    Yes, the color is drab – but she makes it work. It is easy breezy, yet understated glam.

  17. Disp at | | Reply

    Anushka always looks so effortless…highly underrated for her innate elegance and grace, imho.

  18. Sup at | | Reply

    She looks amazing… !! Yayy for the heels !!

  19. slc at | | Reply

    Effortless! She looks fantastic…love that top!

  20. SN at | | Reply

    My precious!!! Im so in love with her again! Can someone ID the ear rings, sandals and the lip shade please?

  21. ZA at | | Reply

    The outfit’s lovely. But the accessories are lackluster.
    I can’t help wondering if throwing in some deep red tones in accessories or even lipstick (oxblood, burgundy) would’ve taken this look up a few notches.

  22. sree at | | Reply

    Easy, breezy and beautiful! My other favorite fashionista in Bollywood.

  23. Ranij at | | Reply

    She looks so good! Effortless and stylish. Good luck for sultan Anushka!

  24. Ana at | | Reply

    Love it! So easy breezy… even the hair. Especially the hair… never thought a samurai bun could look so elegant.

  25. Shalini at | | Reply

    Do you know what shoes are those?

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