In Rohit Gandhi And Rahul Khanna


While on the sets of a television show to promote her upcoming movie, Anushka paired a Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna top with a pair of denims. Though we don’t have a full-length just yet, like what you see?


Anushka Sharma On The Sets Of Bigg Boss

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. the hair again? not goin outward but coming inward(side parting) just below the chin! kitni baar samjhau anushka bacchi. i know its a minor thing but makes a huge difference, trust me!

  2. I know we’ve seen her hair styled like this before and I’m not sure how I feel about her hair with the outfit but, my goodness, her hair looks totally flawless here!

    • Thats true. She looks great with that figure in some other outfits but not here in this one though.
      Weight aside, I Wish she had done something different with her hair..

  3. the moment i saw the top i knew its rohit gandhi rahul khanna creation.. they have become her favourite i guess.. that fact aside i felt she was quite under dressed compared to Imran on the show

  4. She should paired the top with lighter jeans. P n P you have to feature Anushka on the front row for this Friday….saw an ad…she looked amazing.

  5. As a total grooming incompetent here – how does one get that hair?? Styling product and a curler?

    Any advice will be appreciated :)


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